Making Progress at Pacific For Transfer Students

The following outline provides a guide for progressing through your academic program. The progression is organized according to the total credit hours completed.

Freshman (Less than 30 credit hours completed)

  • Make appointment with academic advisor
  • Attend career days held on campus

Sophomore (30-59 credit hours completed)

  • Be on track with core requirements
  • Investigate academic possibilities. It is required by the end of your sophomore year to declare your major.
  • Attend major academic information meetings 
  • example: Sophomore Major Fest

Junior (60-89 credit hours completed)

  • See your academic advisor about advanced degrees in your field of study
  • Attend Junior Junction

Senior (90+ credit hours completed)

  • Fill out "Apply for Graduation" form on BoxerOnline the semester before you intend to graduate.
  • Attend Count Down to Graduation which is normally in February.
  • Complete and participate in Departmental surveys, senior exit interviews, and/or senior focus groups (check with your department and advisor)
  • Complete your senior capstone project/recital/portfolio review (check with your department and advisor)
  • Complete a placement file at the Career Development Center
  • Complete testing (GRE, MAT, etc.) and application for graduate school admission