Transfer Student Advising

Welcome Transfer Students!  We know academic advising is important to your success and this process is critical for progression to graduation.  We work closely with the faculty advisors on transfer advising issues.

Getting Started

You can make an appointment at the Advising Center at any time (the earlier you are talking with us the better).

Once your final transcripts have been submitted, you'll make an appointment at the Advising Center to get your registered for your first semester at Pacific. You can call us at 503-352-2800 or email to schedule an appointment. 

The Advising Center is available to answer questions on:

  • Transfer credit applying to Focal Studies
  • Transfer equivalencies
  • Meeting Core requirements with transfer credit
  • How to have a class reviewed for transfer equivalency
  • Strategic planning on course selection at your transfer school before enrolling at Pacific
  • And many other questions

Contact Us

Gretchen Potter | Director of Academic Advising, Arts and Humanities
503-352-2264 | | Bates House 107