Center for Gender Equity Staff

Sienna Brown
Social Media Coordinator, Center for Gender Equity

Sienna Brown (she/her):

"Working with CGE is important to me because I believe it is paramount to bring communities together. As well, this center strives for equity both on and off campus, and this ongoing goal is very personal to me."

Dana McCarthy
Projects Coordinator, Center for Gender Equity

Dana (Cal) McCarthy (They/Them):

"I'm excited to be part of CGE for a second year. My gender identity is a huge part of my daily existence so I'm passionate about helping other people to feel accepted and informed, as well as educating myself about issues that others face."

Kat Casaubon
Body Politics Coordinator, Center for Gender Equity

This is Kaitlin (she/her/hers), but most people call her Kat. She is going to be a sophomore and this is her second year at CGE. She is a psychology and criminal justice double major and a gender and sexuality studies minor. Kat enjoys arts, music, and making friends. CGE has taught to love herself for who she is. She is excited to be working alongside Kathleen and the rest of the CGE staff as the body politics coordinator.

Emily DeYoung
(Center for Gender Equity)

Emily DeYoung (she/her/hers):

"I'm Emily DeYoung! I'm a junior at Pacific with a major in history and a minor in philosophy and gender and sexuality studies. The Center for Gender Equity is important to me because of the way that it celebrates and advocates for people of all different genders, sexualities, and backgrounds with a staff full of wonderful, dedicated souls. The positive impact that we have made since the establishment of the center and the impact that we still have the potential to make both on our campus and in our community make me more excited than ever to be part of this group!"

GSS 341 Student, Center for Gender Equity

Megan (she/her they/them) is a junior in computer science with a gender & sexuality studies minor.

"I wanted to work with CGE because gender and sexuality impact our lives in different ways and promoting education and advocacy around these topics is important in this community! I want to especially focus on Gender Equity and LGBTQ Rights within the STEM field."

Sofie Dobberfuhl
Projects Coordinator, Center for Gender Equity

Sofie (she/hers) is a sophomore in education.

"I care deeply about intersectional gender issues within both the Pacific community and larger world. I hope that in working with CGE, I can help influence other students to be advocates for one another. "