Student Multicultural Center Staff

Meet Pacific University's Student Multicultural Center staff:

Fernando LiraFernando Lira

Hello everyone! My name is Fernando Lira! I am a current Senior studying Business Administration with concentrations in Finance & Marketing as well as a Minor in Spanish. I have been extremely involved throughout my 4 years here at Pacific. I am extremely excited to be a part of the SMC Student Staff to further our potential for all students of color and create progress towards DEI efforts. 




Kelsie LolotaiKelsie Lolotai (She/her/hers) | Public Relations Manager

Kelsie Lolotai is from Honolulu, HI, and is a first year student at Pacific University, majoring in biology.
Kelsie’s role in the SMC is to empower, educate and support marginalized students on campus by creating bulletin boards, promoting events, etc.
For Kelsie, it’s important that EVERYONE feels safe on this campus. The SMC is a great space and she hopes to see you there one day!

Visit Kelsie during her office hours! Thursday’s from 9am to 12pm and Friday’s from 1pm to 2pm. Email Kelsie!


Rubi RodriguezRubi Rodriguez (She/her/hers) | Student Multicultural Center Programmer

Rubi is a First Generation student, who is in her first year at Pacific University. Majoring in biology, with a minor in chemistry, on a pre-med pathway. She is involved on campus with HHSA, Vice President to the Spanish club, financial coordinator to hall government, and member of AKD. She enjoys watching Netflix, always open to show recommendations. Also enjoys exploring nature, bus/train hopping, and riding electric scooters through Portland.

Rubi is proud to be a part of the Student Multicultural Center because it’s a place on campus where you can be yourself without being told you’re “too loud” or “taking up too much space”. The SMC is the place to be when you need to vent or even just be in a homey environment. By working in the SMC not only is Rubi able to save up to have fun during college, but she’s also able to gain skills while being in a little to no stress environment. Having a space that isn’t colorblind, and acknowledges that everyone goes through different things, on campus is essential to the college experience as it gives everyone a space to go when they need to breathe.

Visit Rubi during her office hours! Mondays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Tuesday’s from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Email Rubi


ShunShun Wetlesen

Shun is from Beaverton, Oregon and is a Junior majoring in Biology and Japanese. Shun brings with him experience from being an Exec for the Japan Club, Pre-Med club, and the Undergraduate Student Senate. In his free time he enjoys working out, hiking, and playing video games. Shun is the Cultural Event Coordinator for the SMC and focuses on facilitating robust cultural events by working together with cultural clubs, and building a support network for these clubs to rely on. Through his work at the SMC, Shun hopes to not only plan cultural events, but to work towards a campus where everyone is proud of their identity and understands the importance of intersectionality.

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