Student Learning Outcomes | Business Administration

At Pacific Students build applicable skills through a variety of internship opportunities, and our graduates find positions in public and private organizations, government, not-for-profit organizations, sales, research, advertising and promotion, management, and consulting.

Student Learning Outcomes

The business administration major is designed for students pursuing a career in business with emphasis on accounting, finance, international business, management, or marketing.

Successful graduates of business administration will be able to:

  • Understand diverse cultural perspectives and apply general business knowledge in the global market
  • Identify and evaluate ethical, social, and environmental impacts in business
  • Articulate ideas persuasively and logically and collaborate with others toward a common goal
  • Utilize analytical skills to devise innovative and creative solutions to problems
  • Integrate core concepts and theories across functional areas of business

It is recommended that students seek out an internship or service-learning experience that will provide an opportunity to demonstrate the relevancy of foundational and theoretical knowledge of their academic major and to gain career-related experiences.