Curriculum | Dyslexia Certificate

The Dyslexia Certificate at Pacific University is a 15-credit program. Field experience is embedded in each of the five 3-credit classes and course delivery is 100 percent online in synchronous and asynchronous settings.

Each course aligns with International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and International Literacy Association (ILA) standards.

Course Description Credits
RDNG 413/613 Literacy Evaluations for Instructions 3
RDNG 414/614 Perspectives on Visual Functioning & Learning 3
RDNG 411/611 Literacy Fundamentals I 3
RDNG 412/612 Literacy Fundamentals II 3
RDNG 410/610 Foundations of Literacy Acquisition & Development 3
  Total Program Credits 15


All students may register by downloading the Non-Degree Seeking Student registration form.  Students enrolled in the College of Education’s Undergraduate, MAT or MEd Programs can contact their advisor to added the courses to their program and for registration information.

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