Requirements | Dyslexia Certificate

The Dyslexia Certificate at Pacific University is a 15-credit program. Field experience is embedded in each of the five 3-credit classes and course delivery is 100 percent online in synchronous and asynchronous settings.

Each course aligns with International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and International Literacy Association (ILA) standards.

Course # of credits Typically offered
RDNG 413/613 Literacy Evaluations for Instructions 3 credits Fall
RDNG 414/614 Perspectives on Visual Functioning and Learning 3 credits Fall
RDNG 411/611 Literacy Fundamentals I 3 credits Spring
RDNG 412/612 Literacy Fundamentals II 3 credits Spring
RDNG 410/610 Foundations of Literacy Acquisition & Development 3 credits Summer


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