Curriculum | ESOL Endorsement


Core Courses

Credit hrs

ESOL-440/ESOL-540 Language Policy in ESOL Education 2
ESOL-444/ESOL-544 Educational Linguistics for ESOL Teachers 3
ESOL-450/ESOL-550 Cultural Constructs and Diversity in ESOL Education 2
ESOL-460/ESOL-560 Foundations of ESOL Methods 2
ESOL-464/ESOL-564 ESOL Methods, Assessment, and Technology 2
ESOL-470/ESOL-570 Bilingualism and Biliteracy Development 2
ESOL-480/ESOL-580 Pedagogical Grammar of English 2
ESOL-476/ESOL-576 Supervised Practicum 2

ESOL with Study Abroad Opportunities

ESOL candidates may also meet part of the curriculum requirements for the endorsement by taking a study abroad course offered at Pacific University. For a study abroad course that may be eligible for the endorsement, check with the ESOL program coordinator for approval. One of the ESOL endorsement courses, ESOL 450/550 (Cultural Constructs and Diversity in ESOL Education), may be waived for those who take a study abroad course that is approved by the ESOL program coordinator. A course waiver for ESOL 450/550 will be determined by the ESOL coordinator.