ESOL/Reading Dual Endorsement Curriculum


Core Requirements for All Authorizations

Credit Hrs

RDNG-642 Reading Assessments and Techniques 3
RDNG-644 Text Composition & Comprehension 3
RDNG-650 Leadership for Literacy 2
RDNG-643 Multisensory Literacy Instruction Techniques 2
ESOL-540 Language Policy in ESOL Education 2
ESOL-544 Educational Linguistics for ESOL Teachers 3
ESOL-560 Foundations of ESOL Methods 2
ESOL-564 ESOL Methods, Assessment and Technology 2
ESOL-570 Bilingualism and Biliteracy Development 2
ESOL-580 Pedagogical Grammar of English 2
RDNG-655 Multi-level Supervised Practicum 2
ESOL-576 Multi-level Supervised Practicum 2
Total Credits 27