Reading Intervention Endorsement


Pacific University's College of Education offers a 16 semester-credit Reading Specialist Endorsement Program that meets the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission requirements for an add-on endorsement to the Initial Teaching License.

This endorsement program prepares teachers to serve as Title I or reading specialists in their schools and districts. Coursework emphasizes the candidates' development of knowledge and skills needed to carry out the curricular, instructional, assessment-related, supervisory and staff-development roles and responsibilities that are the typical duties of the Title I or reading Specialist. Coursework also begins to prepare reading specialists for working with children who speak a language other than English as their primary language.

This endorsement qualifies candidates to teach reading to students pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. In addition to coursework and practica, candidates must pass the state-approved reading specialist test, and submit required portfolio, edTPA, or case study. Prerequisites include coursework in psychological foundations and basic reading or language arts methodology appropriate for the level.