Enroll in the IPE Concentration Course

The concentration in Interprofessional Education is available to Pacific University students who are enrolled in a degree program. An offering of the College of Health Professions, it is documented on transcripts as a specialization.

During the semester a student is ready to submit their e-portfolio, enroll in the Concentration in Interprofessional Education course to complete the concentration. (Sample e-portfolio)

Concentration requirements can be completed while students are concurrently enrolled in the course, but students must complete all requirements before they can submit their e-portfolio.

Students must complete the requirements check-off form (pdf), and have their school's IPE program contact approve and sign it, before they can enroll in the concentration course. Students submit their signed form to Katrina Gust (katrina.gust@pacificu.edu), who enrolls them in the course.

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