Requirements | Concentration in IPE

To earn a concentration in Interprofessional Education, students must complete all requirements and submit their e-portfolio.

  • The Interprofessional Competence Course (IPC): Foundations of Interprofessional Practice (CHP 415-515)
  • Two (2) Interprofessional Case Conferences (ICCs)
  • Complete four (4) additional different interprofessional experiences.
  • Enroll in the Concentration in Interprofessional Education course and submit an e-portfolio (sample portfolio)

Students can use the IPE Reflection e-portfolio template (pdf) to track their experiences prior to enrolling in the Concentration course and creating their e-portfolio.

Qualifying Examples of Interprofessional Experiences

Each experience must align with one of the operational definitions from IPEC's Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice, exceed standards for interprofessional education set by students' degree program, and vary in nature to enhance development as a collaborative health professional.

Students should reach out to their program coordinator to identify potential qualifying interprofessional experiences. Program coordinators may choose to approve experiences or not.

Interprofessional experiences that fulfill existing degree requirements cannot also apply to the concentration requirements.

Options vary by degree program. Past examples have included:

Students complete the external interprofessional experience form if the experience was sponsored by an entity other than Pacific University, was held at an offsite facility with no supervision by Pacific University faculty.


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