Meet Current Student Leaders! | Audiology

Our Student Ambassadors play a large role in offering current student perspectives for prospective students and applicants to our Doctor of Audiology program. As much as our faculty and staff can offer our advice and perspective, our Student Ambassadors provide as an invaluable resource to get to know our program on a deeper level.

Our Ambassadors assist with all on-campus and virtual prospective student events hosted by the School of Audiology, such as our Open Houses and Interview Days. 

If you would like to speak with a current student about their experience applying to, choosing Pacific University's School of Audiology, or what it is like to be a current student, you are encouraged to email one or many of our Student Ambassadors. They will be happy to help you!

Class of 2025

Chayse Cope


Hometown | Tacoma, Washington

Undergraduate Institution | Portland State University; B.S. Speech and Hearing Sciences

Why did you choose Pacific | Upon attending open houses and going through the interview process, Pacific struck me as an exciting prospect for an engaging academic experience. I was ecstatic to find a rigid and fast paced audiology program that coincided with my affinity for the science of sound. Witnessing the enthusiastic nature of the faculty and students further fueled my decision to choose Pacific as an optimal program to pursue this field of study.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | Being a student at Pacific has been unlike any experience I would have thought to have in life. I've already learned a lot about my motivation and work ethic and am looking forward to exploring the many facets of audiology. The dynamic of my cohort has been lovely. Working and collaborating with a diverse group of determined individuals has been one of my favorite aspects of the program.

Anna Cridlig


Hometown | San Diego, California

Undergraduate Institution | University of California, San Diego; Bachelor's of Science in Public Health

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because they were very helpful and understanding about me using my GI Bill benefit from the get-go which gave me a huge sense of relief. All of the faculty and staff, especially Carmel Nicol, were so friendly I simply wanted to be around them during graduate school because I knew I would be cared for. I was tired of having multiple courses at a time in undergrad so the two-week block curriculum that has one class at a time was very tempting to me. As it turns out, I absolutely love it! Lastly, it was an accelerated three-year program and I really liked the idea of being done a year early.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | It’s really nice being an audiology student at Pacific University because the Pacific Ear Clinic is in the same building (on the same floor, actually!) as the classrooms that we take our classes in. I like being able to get hands-on experience right away: we got to go to the clinic the second week of class and now shadow our instructor audiologists every other week. At the same time, the knowledge we get from our courses are applied right away in the lab and this helps cement what we learn in class. There is a nice balance between academic work, lab, and clinic that I truly enjoy. Most importantly, everyone (faculty and students included) have been so friendly I felt right at home from day one!

Katie Greenway

First Year |

Hometown | Boise, Idaho

Undergraduate Institution | Idaho State University; B.S. Communication Sciences & Disorders; College of Western Idaho A.A. Sign Language Studies

Why did you choose Pacific | One of the things that stood out to me about Pacific right off the bat was the 2 week block program. The idea of focusing on one specific area at a time was very appealing to me, especially being through programs in undergrad that consisted of multiple classes daily and jumping around all over campus. I also liked the idea of digging deep into a topic and then being able to apply skills gained from the course to our labs and the courses to follow. I excelled with the common-core style of teaching when I was younger because it implemented a similar approach to learning and I was thrilled to find a professional program that accomplished this element in its very own style. Watching all the videos and studying-up on the University really solidified my interest. I was intrigued by the SimLab and all the equipment we have available to us as students to hone our skills. (And, yes! We really do have access to our own little pods to practice!) Finally, I attended Pacific's open houses and was able to talk to current students in the program. They were honest and helpful, answering all sorts of questions. I really enjoyed the open house experience and how it was structured; it spoke loudly about how the university cares for its students.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | Like I mentioned before, all the resources we have to practice our skills are quite impressive. The university makes sure we have the best of the best and they stay up to date with the ever-changing world of audiology. The amount of support we receive from the faculty/staff here is like nothing I've experienced anywhere else. We have faculty/staff that will send us "Happy Friday" emails, ask us how they can support us this week, and bring us doughnuts because "why not, it's Friday after an exam". That's just the kind of people they are and they really shape this program into a place we can feel we belong. Also, you are with the same cohort for all your courses. Friends are made so quickly and you really begin to care and support each other. This is not a competitive cohort scenario, we really do lean on each other and support one another!

Maeve Kirkpatrick

First Year |

Hometown | Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Undergraduate Institution | MacEwan University; Bachelor of Science in Molecular/ Cellular Biology

Why did you choose Pacific | I initially was drawn to Pacific by the accelerated, 3-year program timeline. I was also very excited to learn that audiology students at Pacific begin clinical observation in the first week of class. It definitely made the program at Pacific stand out! The thing that most impressed me, though, was the two-week courses. Focusing on one course at a time really suits my learning style, and I knew I would excel in this type of environment. When I began contacting the student ambassadors and staff at Pacific, everyone was so friendly and helpful and made me feel valued. I immediately could see myself as a student, and Pacific became my top choice!

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I have really enjoyed being a part of the ‘25 cohort. There is a good sense of community among
us, and it makes school enjoyable. The pass/fail grading scheme really fosters teamwork and collaboration amongst the entire class.The location near the coast in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is an added bonus, and there is lots to explore on the weekend break between courses. As an international student, I also really appreciate that internships and externships can be completed anywhere. It gives me the opportunity to explore both the American and Canadian realms of Audiology before I even begin my career. However, I would say my favourite part of the program is definitely the two-week courses. They do move very fast, but I have retained more information than I ever did in my undergraduate courses. I think the audiology program at Pacific ended up being the perfect fit for me.

Rami Kiwan

First Year |

Hometown | Jezzine, Lebanon

Undergraduate Institution | American University of Beirut; B.S. Medical Audiology Services

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific becasue it's an institution that values diversity and leadership; the two values that I always looked for. Being raised in a multi-cultural environment, I felt safe coming into this program that accepted students from different backgrounds, but similar goals. Additionally, the accelerated program stood out as it played a major role in my decision-making process. Talking to the faculty, I realized that they shared the same vision for the world of audiology which helped me realize how we can be a big part of it through this well-structured program at Pacific. 

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I love the fact that I can practice my clinic and diagnostic skills anytime I want. Having the labs, equipment, and a lot of resources available for me at all times made me feel more motivated to succeed and master my skills. Moreover, the faculty and students were very friendly and welcoming as everyone is willing to offer help and share their experiences to guide us through. As a Middle Eastern doctoral student, I am honored to be a part of such a diverse and supportive program.

Juliana Kostyuk


Hometown Castro Valley, California

Undergraduate Institution Grand Canyon University; B.S. Elementary Education with an emphasis in ESL

Why did you choose Pacific I chose Pacific because of all the great things I’ve heard about it from friends and family! It’s very organized and the staff and students made me feel so welcomed during the whole interview process. The 3-year program, the Pacific Northwest, and internship opportunities also caught my attention.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific I love everything about it! From the professors, to the students, to the organization of the schedule, to the incredible staff, and the student engagement opportunities that it has to offer; all make the program very unique. I feel supported and have learned so much already!

Julia Kury


Hometown | Avondale, Arizona

Undergraduate Institution | Arizona State University; B.S. Speech and Hearing Sciences

Why did you choose Pacific | When I first applied to the AuD program at Pacific University, I thought the application process was going to be the same as any other graduate program, but I quickly learned that not all schools have the same approach in selecting their students. So, when I went through the interview process, I immediately felt at ease. The interviewer I was assigned to was incredibly sweet. I truly felt heard and accepted, especially as a hard of hearing individual, they saw me for me. I knew right then and there that PU was the one, which gave me the confidence to choose this program. I'm grateful to be where I am today and I only hope to pay forward that kindness in some beautiful way.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | What gravitated me towards the program was Pacific's block schedule. Rather than taking multiple courses at once throughout the semester, we take one class every two weeks. This allows us to focus on the concepts at hand and really retrain the information we learn. It creates this expectation from the program and prepares us mentally for what's ahead. One other factor I like about being a student here are the staff members and the Year 2's at Pacific. They are all genuinely king, compassionate, inclusive, and altogether, incredible. I feel like I'm surrounded by peers and staff members who I can call family. They all truly make the experience worthwhile and rewarding.

Mackenzie Northrup


Hometown | Salt Lake City, UT

Undergraduate Institution | Institution | University of Utah; BS in Communication Science Disorders; Minor in Strategic Communications

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific | After interviewing with several other institutions, Pacific made me feel that they genuinely want their students to succeed and are there to support me throughout my Audiology journey. Pacific provides a challenging and engaging learning experience. This is important for me to grow and become the best Audiologist for my patients. Beyond the school, Oregon is a beautiful place to live and provides many opportunities.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | The biggest thing about being a student at Pacific is the support our cohort has for one other. We each offer something unique. This provides diversity in our learning. Additionally, the faculty is very passionate about what they teach and creates an environment I am comfortable asking questions.

Michael Parisi


Hometown | Dedham, MA

Graduate Institution | Southern New Hampshire University; MBA Healthcare Management

Undergraduate Institution | University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth; B.S. Management Information Systems

Why did you choose Pacific | After deciding on a career change and finally making the decision to pursue my dream of being an Audiologist, I explored programs across the country. As a non-traditional student, I looked into programs that would suit my learning style. The 3-year accelerated pace was a major draw for me. Pacific promotes large cohorts and I felt I would thrive in a large cohort as it would allow me to not only share my experiences, but others in my cohort would be a valuable resource to me. When I attended open houses and ultimately my interview day, I met and saw others who were similar to me. In short, I could see myself attending this program. The Student Ambassadors and staff were very supportive in my journey of finding the right program. I knew very quickly that Pacific would be the right fit for me.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I really enjoy the support from not only my cohort but the professors and staff alike. Everyone is in the program for the same reason and the structure makes it more collaborative versus competitive. The facilities are outstanding and world-class from the Pacific EarClinic to the lab spaces and classrooms.

Mahaat Qureshi


Hometown | Diamond Bar, California

Undergraduate Institution | California State University, Fullerton; B.A. Communication Sciences & Disorders

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of the unique learning experience it provides. Because of the block schedule I am able to focus on one class at a time which is perfect for my learning style. The amount of hands-on experience this program offers is another reason why I chose Pacific. With yearlong labs and an on-campus clinic, being able to practice and develop clinical skills is made convenient. Another reason for choosing Pacific was because of how welcoming everyone was. The faculty/staff didn’t treat me like another test score and made an effort to get to know me beyond just school.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I love how everyone at Pacific wants you to succeed. From the faculty/staff to the students in your cohort, everyone is in this together. Because of the class structure it is easy to become close to your cohort and work together to succeed. The faculty/staff are always available as amazing resources and help you through every step of the way. Because Pacific is an accelerated program it is easy to fall behind, just know there is always someone in your corner to help you get back on track!

Mercedes Ramirez


Hometown | Reno, Nevada

Undergraduate Institution | University of Nevada, Reno; B.S. Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology; Double minor in Indigenous Studies and Community Health Science

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose to come to Pacific because it was the only program that went out of their way to really make me feel like they cared about me and my success, and about every student that was even just thinking about applying in general! This was a huge deciding factor for me because if they cared enough about me through the application process then I knew that they’d extend that same amount of care while I was actually in the program. I also chose Pacific because of the accelerated aspect of the program and the block-style curriculum. I liked the idea of being able to attain all my education/ skills within three years instead of four, and that the block style curriculum suited my learning style better than the other programs' method of teaching.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I honestly really love the overall atmosphere and level of support here at Pacific University. All of the Professors are kind and take the time to make sure you are understanding the material being taught before moving onto the next subjects. I also appreciate how those in our cohort aren't competitive with each other! Everyone is on the same level of playing field and we all want each other to succeed! I also wasn't expecting to meet friends so quickly here, but that is exactly what happened! So If you are thinking about applying to Pacific just know that you'll have the best support system!

Morgan Sawyer

First Year |

Hometown | Rochester, MN

Undergraduate Institution | University of Wisconsin River Falls; BA in Communication Science Disorders

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of its location in the beautiful PNW, accelerated program style, and block course schedule. Being from the Midwest, I wanted to see as much of the area as possible. Hillsboro is an hour away from Portland, and in the opposite direction an hour from the coast. There’s no shortage of places to explore. The program is designed to give students hands-on experience within the first week. Pacific also has a block schedule, where we spend two weeks in a class, take an exam, and move on. It’s rigorous but so rewarding. I feel challenged to do the best I can at Pacific and it’s a gratifying experience. 

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I felt like I was considered a student when I accepted my admission offer- long before I was on campus. That’s where the support and community started. Throughout the admissions process, I was never ‘just a number'. Faculty and current students made genuine efforts to get to know me and welcomed me warmly to Pacific. One thing that sticks out to me is several faculty members routinely ask “what can I be doing to better support you?” The faculty want to see you succeed and are willing to help as they can. There are so many resources in addition to faculty that are always available to students like counseling services, and support groups. But what I like the most at Pacific is the supportive community.

Melanie Schroeder


Hometown | Roseville, California

Undergraduate Institution | California State University Fullerton; B.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Why did you choose Pacific | I toured Pacific University the year I applied to graduate school and was instantly drawn to this program for a few reasons. Everyone I met was so welcoming, kind, and encouraging. It was evident that all the faculty/staff here truly care about their students and want them to succeed. I loved how organized and well-ran the program was when attending the open house and interview day. I also really liked and still do like the block schedule we have here. I love being able to fully dive into one course topic at a time. Beyond academically, I have always wanted to live in Oregon because it is so beautiful around here. There are so many pretty sights to see and visit. One of my favorite places to be is the Oregon coast.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I really enjoy the fast-paced environment we have here at Pacific. While quick change can be overwhelming, it keeps me from getting burnt out. Each class is different, new, and exciting. I really love having 1 course at a time because instead of stressing about 4-5 classes, you only have to focus on 1. I love the connections and friendships I have made here as well with people in the cohort. There is no competitive feeling, everyone just wants to help each other succeed. 


Class of 2024

Alexandra Alfieri

Second Year |

Hometown | Middletown, New York

Undergraduate Institution | Syracuse University; B.S. Communication Sciences & Disorders

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because I knew that I was being valued for who I was. I did not feel like a standardized test score was creating a label for me. Throughout the whole application process, it already felt like the school was doing the most for me. My favorite moment that I was looking forward to was to receive a phone call from Carmel telling me that I was accepted. Lastly, I loved the two-week module schedule, and still do.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I love that I get to work with so many students. We all offer something unique and I am able to learn so many things in what feels like a million fields. The environment within the program does not have one ounce of competition. We all lean on each other, and within the first month, I have been able to make so many great friends. They make me feel like New York is not so far away.

Vincent DeFrank

Second Year |

Hometown | Fresno, California

Undergraduate Institution | University of Nevada, Reno; B.S. Speech Pathology and Audiology 

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because I believe the University stands apart from other programs. I enjoyed the block schedule; it fits my learning style. I can focus on one class at a time and spend all my time on learning about that topic. I believe the block schedule has made me successful in the program. One other reason is the hands-on experience the program offers. This valuable experience is gained through labs and clinics. The hands-on experience is most effective due to the support of the professors and my cohort. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | The support system at Pacific is my favorite aspect about the University. The block schedule emphasizes collaboration with your cohort. Our cohort has become really close with each other and I was not expecting to make friends so quickly. This program has made us lifelong friends. Everyone wants you to succeed and do well which is evident from the professors and your cohort. 

Miguel Diaz

Second Year |

Hometown | Oakley, California

Undergraduate Institution | California Baptist University; B.S. Communication Disorders and Sciences

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose to come to Pacific because it has everything that I was looking for. This program really aims to have diversity within the program and it made me feel very welcome knowing that I was able to represent my Hispanic community. Everyone here truly wants you to succeed and it made me feel like this would be my safe space, whereas other programs I did not feel this connection. Regardless if you have a CSD background or not, we are all on the same playing field and we rely on each other. You are not alone and I knew coming to Pacific I would have a strong support system to guide me through the vigourous curriculum.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I love the fact that we have many resources here. If you need any help with specific questions, there are plenty of resources for you to get your questions answered. I love that this program has such a positive environment. I am someone who enjoys challenges and this program keeps me up to the challenge. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better cohort and place to continue in my education.

Yvette Flores

Second Year |

Hometown | El Paso, Texas

Undergraduate Institution | Texas Woman's University; Denton TX, Bachelor's of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose to attend Pacific University because of the supportive and positive culture and the accelerated two-week block program. Carmel Nicol has been an invaluable resource since the first time I contacted her. She was always ready to answer any of my questions. The student ambassadors helped me immensely during my application process, too, as they shared their experience and advice during the application process. I was also looking forward to living in a new state, and the Pacific Northwest is a breathtaking area to live in. As a first-generation Hispanic doctoral student, I am amazed at the support and diversity of the cohort.  

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I love how the faculty and staff have created a culture of student-centered learning and collaboration. The professors are always available and ready to answer any questions we may have. I love that our cohort is very supportive, and we all want to help each other succeed. I am glad to be surrounded by peers with similar goals and aspirations. Pacific University has felt like home since I arrived. 

Catrina Liner

Second Year |

Hometown | Corvallis, OR

Undergraduate Institution | Chaminade University of Honolulu; B.S. Integrative and Organismal Biology

Why did you choose Pacific | When considering what undergraduate university I wanted to attend, Pacific was one of my top choices. It offered small class sizes and an inviting atmosphere where I knew I could strive in. The best part was how close to home it was for me. While ultimately my path took me to Chaminade University for athletic reasons, I knew this was the spot for me for the AuD program. This program offered me everything that I wanted and more. It was an accelerated program, the 2 week module system fit well with my learning style, it fostered a cooperative learning environment, and the SimLab and clinical experiences were unique.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Pacific as a whole has made me feel at home and able to be myself. This stems from the support of the professors, faculty, and staff especially in the School of Audiology. Along with this, the support of my peers has definitely helped me to succeed. Everyone has been so welcoming and genuinely wants the best for each other, as we are all working towards the same goal. 

Taryn Lum

Second Year |

Hometown | Honolulu, Hawaii

Undergraduate Institution | University of Hawaii; B.S. Family Resources with a focus in Gerontology

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific’s accelerated 2-week block schedule is what initially drew me to the program. I was also looking for a program that provided ample hands-on learning opportunities, such as lab and clinic. Beyond what the program is on paper, they provide a supportive, non-competitive learning environment and truly want what is best for you. I felt valued as an individual and supported throughout the application process and knew that Pacific was the best fit for me. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I feel like I am part of a big family. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive, and they truly want us all to succeed. Having only one class at a time really allows me to focus on what we are learning, rather than having to juggle multiple courses at once. I love that we have a weekly hands-on lab that helps to solidify the topics we are learning in class. The structure of the programs allows for a good school-life balance as we get to fully enjoy the weekend between each course.  The Pacific Northwest is a big change from living on an island in Hawaii, but I am loving it so far!

Carlos Mejia

Second Year |

Hometown | San Diego, California

Undergraduate Institution | The College of Wooster; B.A. Communication Science and Disorders, Minors in Education and Studio Art

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because I felt comfortable and valued. I felt that the faculty and staff made an effort to actually get to know me beyond my GPA and test scores, which is what I appreciated the most and made me choose Pacific. I was astounded by how much the admissions team made sure I was on top of any deadlines throughout the whole process (pre and post acceptance). Lastly, I love that from day one we do “hands-on” work.

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I like that as a student you get to collaborate with your peers. There is also no competition among peers as everyone is trying to become audiologists. We all learn from one another and help each other out on the given materials. The program takes a collaborative approach from the first day. I believe this is important because as future Audiologists we will be collaborating with various professions when working with client(s)/patient(s). I remember feeling so anxious about graduate school, but my cohort and staff made me feel at home right away. I have felt supported by my peers and faculty every step of the way and I do not think I would have found that elsewhere. 

Elizabeth Olson

Second Year |

Hometown | Blaine, Minnesota

Undergraduate Institution | Minnesota State University, Mankato; B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because I knew I was ready to challenge myself in an accelerated program. Throughout the whole application process I felt like I was more than a number. Pacific offers above and beyond support as a prospective student that carries over as a current student!

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I love the countless opportunities that Pacific offers for teamwork and personal growth. My favorite part of the program is the hands-on experience offered through the clinic and lab. The time in the clinic and lab helps connect what we are learning in class and the practices we will use in our careers as Audiologists. Interacting with the Year 2s has been super helpful and I can't wait to continue the camaraderie between the Year 1 and Year 2s when we meet the class of 2025!

Andrew Setrum

Second Year |

Hometown | Clear Lake, Minnesota 

Undergraduate Institution | University of Wisconsin - River Falls; B.S. Communication Sciences & Disorders, Minor Business Administration 

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because it felt like a home away from home. Being from the midwest, I wanted a place that would challenge me to do my best every day, and that is what I have found here at Pacific University. The accelerated block schedule courses that build on each other were a big part of my decision-making. I also did not see programs with as much early hands-on experience and pace as Pacific University. The faculty, staff, and students sealed the deal for me as they were all so welcoming and helpful. 

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I love the hands-on approach Pacific takes in the program. Every week, we are in the lab working on technical skills that will be vital in the future. The practice time available is impressive as we have full access to the equipment outside of class times, in the Teaching Lab, Simulation Lab, and Pacific EarClinic. All of these resources are here to help students be successful and confident in their abilities to become an audiologist.

Victoria Sit

Second Year |

Hometown | San Jose, California

Undergraduate Institution | University of Colorado, Boulder; B.S. Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Education

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because it felt like home. I grew up on the West Coast, and although I loved Colorado, something was calling me back to the west, and it just so happened to be Pacific University. The curriculum and accelerated schedule were obstacles to my learning style. However, I wanted to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone. Pacific is the perfect program because it is a non-competitive environment that fosters teamwork and cooperation with the support of your cohort and the faculty and staff.

Why do you like being a student at Pacific | The size of our cohort is larger than most programs, and it helped me find my place here. Even with a larger cohort size, the classes still feel small, and I can better understand the subject whether I ask the professor or my other classmates. Each of us comes from a different background, which allows us to interpret and understand things in diverse ways. In addition, the unique clinical experience and access to the SimLab and Teaching Lab that enable me to simultaneously learn in my classes and increase my knowledge through hands-on experience. 

Naomi Vega

Second Year |

Hometown | Anaheim, California

Undergraduate Institution | San Diego State University; B.A. Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Why did you chose Pacific | I chose Pacific for four reasons. First, the selection of students is based on a holistic approach, which made me feel seen and valued for who I am rather than what I look like on paper. Second, the 2-week block schedule intrigued me because I knew it would allow me to focus on one subject at a time instead of having to juggle multiple classes and assignments every week. Third, I loved all the resources prospective students are provided throughout their journey. I enjoyed speaking to staff and students as I made my decision for a graduate program. Last but not least, the university's location in the beautiful Pacific Northwest was the final piece of the puzzle for me. I loved the idea of spending my free time in nature for some self-care. 

What do you like about being a student here at Pacific | I love that there is no competition within my cohort. We all support one another and can really lean on each other when struggling to understand a specific concept - everyone is always willing to help! Also, I really enjoy the 2-week block schedule because I know what to expect from week to week, which helps with time management. There are countless resources to help students succeed here at Pacific and the support is incomparable. In addition, I like that we were able to start observing real patient appointments early on and that we have the opportunity for hands-on training that matches what we are learning in didactic courses.

Richard Villalpando

Second Year |

Hometown | San Jose, California

Undergraduate Institution | San Jose State University; B.A. Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Why did you choose Pacific | The choice to attend Pacific was an easy decision. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and meet new people; Pacific allows you to be
part of a large cohort where you get to meet students from all corners of the country, all with
different academic backgrounds. I also wanted to push myself academically. While it can be a
challenge sometimes, the 2-week module is a perfect fit for my learning style. Ultimately, I
think one of the most important factors I took into account was Pacific’s transparency. I felt
that they were upfront about all aspects of the program and made it incredibly easy to
communicate with faculty and current students throughout the process.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | A defining part of Pacific’s Audiology program for me is feeling connected to the cohort. I never really clicked with students in undergrad so it has been fantastic to work alongside my
fellow classmates. The program fosters teamwork and continuously encourages us to be
collaborative at every step of our journey. Staff and faculty also go out of their way to make
sure you don’t feel like just another passing number. I know I will succeed because everyone in
this program will keep me going if I ever start feeling like I won’t.

Class of 2023

Chris Day

Third Year |

Hometown | New Orleans, LA

Undergraduate Institution | University of North Carolina at Asheville

Why did you choose Pacific | When exploring AuD options, finding a curriculum that complements my learning style was my top goal. Having previous experience in a traditional 4-year audiology program, I was specifically looking at accelerated programs. Upon learning more about Pacific's 2-week block scheduling for courses, I knew that this program was the right fit for me. Being able to focus on one course at a time has proven to be a great fit for me and is something that I strongly value. I'm happy to state that the layout and presentation of course materials has met and exceeded all of my expectations!

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I've been so happy and impressed with the overall culture of Pacific's School of Audiology. The levels of care and support offered by the faculty and staff has been remarkable and something that I've greatly appreciated. Faculty and staff regularly go the extra mile to ensure that students are on track and have the tools they need to succeed. 

Madison Ensley

Third Year |

Hometown | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Undergraduate Institution | Wilkes University; BS in Biology

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific University was my top choice when deciding where I wanted to attend graduate school because I loved the idea of an accelerated program that operated on 2 week class rotations. The design of the program enables me to focus on one class at a time rather than taking multiple at a time. I also loved the faculty and staff since they bring a very warm welcoming. I felt right at home on my interview day. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I love that I am on the West Coast. There is so much to do in the Pacific Northwest. It is really nice to take a drive to the beach or grab a good bite to eat on a study break. I also really appreciate feeling like I am more than just a number to the program. The faculty and staff really want to get to know you on a personal level and care about your well-being. This makes it much easier to be so far away from my hometown where my family is. 

Carlie Glaze

Third Year |

Hometown | Bloomington, Indiana

Undergraduate Institution | Indiana University Bloomington; B.A. Speech and Hearing Sciences, Minor in Linguistics

Why did you choose Pacific | I only applied to schools in places I could realistically see myself living, and Oregon was up there! After seeing the amazing facilities with lots of hands-on equipment and the upscale town Pacific is located in, I became transfixed with the area on glamour alone! After beginning my studies here, I know I made the right choice because not only is the area lovely and safe, the school and everyone associated with it has truly made me feel welcomed.  

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I love how being here feels like being part of a long lost family. Seriously. I feel like I've finally found my people! I never quite fit in with my peers in undergrad because we weren't on the same dedication level and didn't share interests. Now, I'm surrounded by peers and professors who are passionate about the same things I am! Everyone is so nice and funny, and I feel like I can truly be myself for the first time in a long time. Pacific's environment fosters and celebrates this individuality. I feel important here, like they care about the real me and not a number on paper. Pacific makes me feel authentic, capable, and like part of the family. 

Madison Hayes

Third Year |

Hometown | Willoughby, Ohio

Undergraduate Institution | Kent State University; BS Speech Pathology and Audiology, Minor Disability Studies and Comm Inclusivity

Why did you choose Pacific | The primary reason I chose Pacific was the collaborative approach of the program. I love how our courses are built so that students support other students during each module. I came from a very competitive undergraduate program and it was important that in graduate school, I had a more supportive and collaborative cohort. Pacific's SOA creates this approach by using pass/fail system instead of providing grades and including a group exam as part of your final examination for each module. This is unique compared to other audiology programs and provides an important skill of future professional collaboration. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I know by being a student at Pacific, I am more than just a number to the faculty and staff. I am valued as a person and I am genuinely cared for. I've felt that way before I visited Pacific for my interview, and I've continued to feel that way as a student. I'm so thankful for the faculty and staff here!

Savannah Hoekstra

Third Year |

Hometown | Liberty Lake, Washington

Undergraduate Institution | Eastern Washington University; BS Excercise Science, Minor Communication Sciences

Why did you choose Pacific | My initial interest in Pacific was its location in the Pacific Northwest. The beauty surrounding the area is contagious and challenges you to get outside. My choice became more concrete with the idea of a pass/fail accelerated program. I enjoyed the thought of having a group of peers who were allies rather than competitors. With this in mind, it became clear that staff members believe in your academic potential regardless of where you stand. I knew that a three-year program would be challenging, but the design of the classes seemed to give me every opportunity to succeed. I attended an open house hoping to finalize the decision for my future and haven't looked back since. Everything I wanted in a program, and more, I found at Pacific. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I feel extremely lucky to be here. Graduate school is intimidating, but I have found people who I can turn to and genuinely care for me. There is so much opportunity here at Pacific. Not only to enhance your education, but to be yourself. The lab environments are amazing, and we got hands on learning right from the get-go. Each week, there is always something I look forward to. Since I have arrived at Pacific, I never got the feeling I was just another student shuffled through the program. The inclusivity is beyond what I expected. The general vicinity of Pacific also has an outrageous food scene, delicious coffee, nature in every nook and cranny, and an insane amount of activities to ignite my spontaneous side. 

Lauren Hourican

Third Year |

Hometown | Arlington, Massachusetts

Undergraduate Institution | University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Bachelor's of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Minor in Spanish

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose to attend Pacific Univeristy because I wanted to push myself, both academically and out of my comfort zone. I loved the idea of an accelerated program and being able to experience living in a new place. I had never visited the Pacific Northwest before my interview day, but I have completely fallen in love! I really admired the clinical experience offered here at Pacific, as well as the non-competitive nature of the program. The faculty and cohort want everyone to succeed and are very supportive.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Pacific's block schedule is one aspect that sets this program apart. Instead of juggling multiple classes for an entire semester, we take one course for two weeks. This allows us to focus on mastering one subject, and at the end of the two weeks, we get a free weekend to spend however we like. The block schedule is a great way to balance an accelerated program while also prioritizing our free time and mental health. I also love participating hands-on skills in lab each week and learning from my classmates who come from a variety of backgrounds. 

Lindsay Humphrey

Third Year |

Hometown | New Hartford, Connecticut

Undergraduate Institution | Central Connecticut State University; B.A. in English, Minor in Psychology

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific's welcoming environment is what first caught my attention when I expressed interest in the program, a few years before applying. Before stepping foot on campus, Pacific was always quick to reply to any questions and supported me throughout the application process. I never felt nervous to ask questions when reaching out to students or faculty since everyone was encouraging and enthusiastic about the program. I also love all the beautiful places to explore around Oregon when we have time off!

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | What I love about being a student at Pacific is that there is no sense of competition within our cohort. We all work together and help each other out since the accelerated nature of the program can feel intense at times. I really appreciate that there are students from all sorts of different backgrounds since everyone has a unique perspective to offer.

Cristina Jimenez

Third Year |

Hometown | Los Angeles, California

Undergraduate Institution | California State University, Long Beach; B.A. Speech-Language Pathology, Minor in Linguistics

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because I wanted to stay on the west coast and be as close to home as possible. I actually didn't know that I wanted to attend Pacific until I visited the campus for my interview day. I remember everyone being so welcoming and supportive. I knew it was the type of environment that I wanted to have for this type of program.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I love how everyone is so supportive and willing to help each other! This program is definitely challenging and intimidating, but the students and faculty are willing to offer assistance. I also like that everyone starts from the beginning with this program. Although everyone has different backgrounds and experiences, we all start from the beginning and learn the basics. 

Chyenne Kimble

Third Year |

Hometown | Big Bear Lake, California

Undergraduate Institution | University of Redlands; B.A. in Communication Sciences

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of its unique collaborative approach and the many opportunities to participate in hands-on learning experiences. Pacific's block schedule matched up perfectly with my learning style and I knew that this was the program that I would be most successful in.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | What I like most about being a student at Pacific is that the faculty genuinely care about you and want you to succeed. Especially in these tumultuous times, it can feel like we are missing out on certain opportunities. The faculty and staff have been flexible and supportive, doing everything they can to ensure that we get what we need to be successful Audiologists. 

Kaylee Kimura

Third Year |

Hometown | Wailuku, Hawaii

Undergraduate Institution | Pacific University; BA Business Administration, Marketing, Minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because I wanted to study a broad range of fields within Audiology. I wanted to keep my options open by working with a diverse population of patients. I further wanted to have experiences in different clinical settings. Pacific prepares you to work in a range of fields within Audiology. I also chose Pacific because of their 3-year program. I get to learn an entire course in 2 weeks focusing solely on one topic while laying a foundation for the following classes. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I love that the students and faculty of the School of Audiology are very supportive of one another. I feel that we are able to work together and collaborate through our learning experiences. Pacific is all about learning and wanting to achieve our goals together. 

Philip King

Third Year |

Hometown | Santa Barbara, CA

Undergraduate Institution | University of California, Santa Cruz; B.A. Linguistics. Portland State University; B.A. Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific University for their inclusive atmosphere and welcoming environment. There are many wonderful schools out there, but none compare to the feeling of being a student at Pacific. There were very clear guidelines and communication for the application process. They really take a holistic approach to student selection. They want you to succeed and I have never been to a school where they listened to the student voices like they do at Pacific. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I really like the transparency and flexibility they have shown; especially during this particular academic year. Everyone, faculty and staff included, are committed to your success. Most of all, I really like that they care about each person and that our voices are still heard. They really take that into consideration when planning for the future. I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. 

Kortney Mathiesen

Third Year |

Hometown | Nevada City, California

Undergraduate Institution | California State University, Chico; B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific University's AuD. program first caught my attention due to the fast-paced accelerated 3 year model and relatively larger cohort sizes. But, when I arrived for interview day, I learned it is so much more. From the time I first set foot on PU's campus, I knew I was home. It was the first time in my academic career I felt that people really cared about me as a person rather than my academic performance alone. I was amazed by the state of the art equipment, clinic, and teaching lab. I couldn't believe everything PU had to offer its students. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I love the amount of support I feel from the staff and other students on a daily basis. With all the unprecedented events 2020 has brought, the faculty has been overwhelmingly supportive. They really care about providing students with the best education possible regardless of the events. I also really love the area! Oregon is so beautiful and has much to offer people from all walks of life. There's small towns, large cities, mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, and not to mention... amazing food! Before coming here, I thought Oregon was rainy and just had a bunch of trees. I sure was wrong!

Leah Peterson

Third Year |

Hometown | San Rafael, CA

Undergraduate Institution | Sonoma State University; B.A. Human Development, Minor in Psychology

Why did you choose Pacific | I was initially interested in Pacific's program because it was a 3-year accelerated program and the immediate appeal to the Pacific Northwest. Quickly into learning more about the program, I realized that those surface-level attractions were a bonus to the incredible adult-centered learning environment that they have created. The block model curriculum, paired with the extensive opportunity for hands-on learning through the Sim Lab, time in the clinic, internships, and externships, really made me feel like this was an environment where I could thrive. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I was extremely nervous at first because I came from a non-CSD background. I quickly learned that our cohort is filled with students from all different backgrounds, which allows us to each contribute something different to the table. This variety of perspectives has proven to be a learning experience in itself and has taught us the value of collaboration and unity that makes me feel the immense support from everyone around me. It has made an incredibly positive impact knowing that my fellow students, faculty, and professors are just as invested in my success as I am. Graduate school will challenge you in more ways than you could imagine; however, when you have the kind of encouragement offered here at Pacific, it is entirely manageable. 

Reed Redding

Third Year |

Hometown | Leaburg, Oregon

Undergraduate Institution | Corban University, BS Biomedical Sciences, Minor in Biblical Studies

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific University for two main reasons. First, I love the Pacific Northwest and wanted to stay in the area. The PNW has so much to offer, from the coast to the mountains, Powell's Books in downtown Portland, and plenty of coffee shops exactly when and where you need them. Second, Pacific's rigorous program matches my learning style. Two-week block courses can be difficult at times, but they allow you to fully dive into a given topic. This provides the freedom to focus on and master a topic, which comes in handy for later courses.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific When I first visited the School of Audiology at an open house, the interactions between faculty and students stood out to me. Yes, they were teachers and students, but there was a unique respect, care, and family-like quality in these moments. After joining this program, I'm thankful to report that this is true. The faculty and staff members truly want us to thrive as future hearing healthcare professionals. They know the difficulty of a clinical doctorate program, and rather than making it easier they support us in rising to the occasion. All the while, they work diligently to keep this program non-competitive, so that as a cohort we can support and learn from each other. There are so many good things about Pacific's program, but the faculty and staff are what make it shine. 

Jessica Tichy

Third Year |

Hometown | Eveleth, Minnesota

Undergraduate Institution | University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - B.A. Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, minor in Neuroscience

Why did you choose Pacific | At the beginning of the application process, Pacific really stood out to me becasue of the accelerated 3-year program and the 2-week block class schedule. then when I was invited to an interview day and got to meet all the amazing students and faculty, I instantly felt at home. They really showed that they care about their students' success and well-being. Also, there are many opportunities for hands-on learning, with the simulation labs (audiometry booths) and teaching labs equipped with everything needed to practice and learn. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I mentioned this briefly above, but I love how supportive everyone at Pacific is. The faculty and even the current year 2 students always say, "We are here if you need anything!" Even in this pressing time of COVID and their hectic schedules, they email or verbally check in with you to see how you are doing and making sure your feelings are addressed and validated. Also, the two week courses are great because your brain only has to focus on one topic at a time! It really shows you what type of learner and studier you are! Oregon is also a very beautiful place, with endless places to explore and I can't wait to adventure more!

Any Tran

Third Year |

Hometown | Seattle, Washington

Undergraduate Institution | University of Washington Seattle; B.S. Speech and Hearing Sciences (Communication Disorders), B.A. Early Childhood and Family Studies

Why did you choose Pacific | There are a multitude of reasons for why I chose to pursue my degree at Pacific University. Pacific piqued my interest because it was located close to home and because there was no GRE requirement, the latter reason indicating that I was valued beyond my identity as a student. On interview day, I was overwhelmed by the genuine kindness I received from the professors - they even knew my name before meeting me. I remember feeling impressed as I walked through campus. With its uniquely large cohort, I would be exposed to more diverse perspectives and creative ideas than I would with any other program and due to Pacific's non-competitive design, everyone works together. After having meaningful conversations from that day with the staff and current students, I knew Pacific was where I needed to attend. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I really enjoy being on campus with the hands-on simulation labs and equipment. The accessibility allows me to be more comfortable with myself and my skill set to work with patients in the future. I am also incredibly thankful for the staff and faculty. When I was feeling disconnected, they validated my feelings and encouraged self care. Their consistent support is important because grad school will challenge your mental health. Finally, Pacific University is also within the beautiful Pacific Northwest where I have lived my entire life. It's like having the same cities, farms, mountains, coffee, trees, and global cuisines... without the sales tax!

Blake Wimmer

Third Year |

Hometown | Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Undergraduate Institution | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of how incredibly welcomed and appreciated I felt throughout the application and interview process. This school cares about every aspect of your background and why you want to be here, and clearly shows interest in you as a unique individual.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | This is an intense, accelerated doctoral program, and support from staff and faculty is important along the way. I have no hesitation when I need to reach out for help, advice, or motivation because I know that everyone truly wants me to succeed. Also, the facilities at Pacific are high tech and designed to provide exposure to an array of different types of equipment and manufacturers, so you are prepared for any situation as a practicing Audiologist.

Maritza Zaldivar-Lima

Third Year |

Hometown | Centralia, Washington

Undergraduate Institution | University of Washington, Seattle; B.S. Speech and Hearing Sciences: Communication Disorders, Minor in Education, Learning, and Society

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because it has what I was looking for in terms of the pace of classes and the support of students. I really appreciated that they had Student Ambassadors that I could reach out to whenever I had questions and so I could make an informed decision. Ultimately, I found that the accelerated, two-week model worked best for my learning style and gave me the hands-on approach I need. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I have really enjoyed my time at Pacific because of how much it really feels like a community here. I know that the faculty and staff take our success very seriously and I always feel like I can ask questions if I need to. I also feel very welcomed by all students in the program! I have never met so many students that are so dedicated, willing to help, and above all, encouraging.