Student Ambassadors | Audiology

Our Ambassadors assist with all on-campus prospective student events hosted by the School of Audiology. In addition to SOA events, they also work very closely with the Admissions office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students.

If you would like to speak with a current student about their experience applying to or choosing Pacific University's School of Audiology, you are encouraged to email one of our student ambassadors. They will be happy to help you!

Class of 2023

Year 1 Student Ambassador Information Coming Soon!

Class of 2022

Madeline Allen

Second Year |

Hometown | Lake Charles, Louisiana

Undergraduate Institution | Louisiana State University – B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders, minor in Psychology

Why did you choose PacificPacific’s accelerated track is what originally piqued my interest in the program, but it was the commitment to interprofessional learning that really stuck with me. It aligned with my belief that patients need doctors who will work together to give them the best health care possible! The 2-week module also seemed like an ideal fit for my personal learning style. When I learned that Pacific had a hands-on Simulation Lab, where students can practice clinical skills with tools and equipment seen in professional clinics, I knew that this program was the one for me.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | The professors specifically understand that as students of audiology, we don’t know everything yet, and they are so patient and helpful as we hone our new skills in this accelerated program. We can enjoy learning about our future careers and make mistakes without feeling the pressure to be perfect. Also, the professors, faculty, and staff are very supportive of collaborative-based learning, which in turn has given all of us opportunities to get to know each other better! Hillsboro is also a great spot, as it is close to the coast and the city and any outdoor activities you can think of! It’s easy to find a place to clear your head when you need a break from school. Coming from a completely different part of the country, I was worried about feeling at home here, but I am happy to say that Pacific has become my second home!

Daniel Contreras

Second Year |

Hometown | El Paso, Texas

Undergraduate Institution | University of Nevada, Reno; Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology

Why did you choose PacificI chose Pacific University because it offers a clinically-based doctorate and I could really see myself maximizing my education here. Every aspect of the program is designed for student success and the fact that it is a three-year program, rather than the typical four years, is a testament to the well-organized nature of the program. The simulation lab, which houses 9 fully equipped testing booths, is always open and played a large role in my decision to attend Pacific. The two-week per class schedule was something that really interested me while researching Pacific and I felt it would work well with my learning style. Something else that appealed to me was the three separate internships during the second year, which place students in different types of clinical settings to ensure a well-rounded experience. Lastly, the learning environment here is different than most other programs I considered, encouraging collaboration and group learning rather than a more independent and competitive one.

What do you like about being a student at PacificWhat stands out most is how comfortable and welcomed I felt here, both during interview day as well as the start of the school year. I really like having so much equipment available to work with and that our program’s classrooms, practice spaces, clinic, and faculty offices are all located on the same floor of the same building. The faculty is very knowledgeable, friendly, easily accessible, and cover various specialty areas. I have really enjoyed the two-week module structure. Focusing on one topic at a time has been less overwhelming and stressful than taking multiple classes at once and has allowed me to really immerse myself in the material and learn. Finally, I have really enjoyed the location and weather here in Oregon. I prefer the climate here much more than that of previous cities I’ve lived in and there are trees everywhere and lots of beautiful scenery. Portland is really close for those who enjoy the city, but there are also endless options for those who enjoy outdoor activities.  

Caitlin Davis

Second Year |

Hometown Ventura, CA

Undergraduate InstitutionCarroll College

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific University has many desirable qualities; it’s an accelerated program, the curriculum is a block schedule, and it has diverse clinical opportunities. What stood out to me since my interview day was how the professors genuinely care about their students and the student ambassadors were ready to offer support to the incoming class. Being in an intense three accelerated program I wanted to be in an environment that was positive and cultivated academic and clinical growth. The support the professors and staff offer made Pacific my top choice.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | What I love most about being a student at Pacific is being exposed to clinic our first year of the program. Within my first month of starting the audiology program I was observing audiologists and second year students in the Pacific EarCinic. I love having the early exposure in the clinic setting to complement the didactic classwork and lab work.   

Megan Ellmaker

Second Year |

Hometown Erwinna, Pennsylvania

Undergraduate InstitutionUniversity of Vermont

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific because of the accelerated nature of the program, the beautiful outdoors that Oregon has for me to explore outside of class, and the unique opportunity to be able to be in the clinic from the start of the program. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I like being a student at pacific because the large cohort allows you to meet people from all over and learn about their perspectives and experiences in audiology. The campus is full of health professionals, so there is interprofessional opportunity, and the unique class schedule allows me to immerse myself in one subject at a time.

Ariana Ernotte

Second Year |

Hometown Seattle, WA

Undergraduate InstitutionWestern Washington University; BA in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and in Linguistics (double major)

Why did you choose Pacific | Determining which schools you want to apply to is just one of the many stressful tasks involved in the application process. Most university websites only offered some brief information on the faculty and how to apply. No amount of ASHA statistics, hours on GradCafe, and discussions with my professors allowed me to truly gauge what a real student’s graduate program experience was like. Except for Pacific University: they were unique compared to any of the graduate programs I looked into. Pacific had student ambassadors, people in the program who could give honest answers about their perceptions of the program. The frankness and authenticity of the staff and students during my eventual interview day led me to commit to a program I felt like I could trust my tuition with. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Pacific doesn’t just specialize in one type of Audiology. The two-week class block schedule allows the students to hyperfocus on one subject at a time. By giving students experience in the varying Audiology fields, Pacific creates professionals who are well-equipped for the real world. Besides that, being a student at Pacific means being a part of a supportive and welcoming team. The uniquely large cohort at Pacific allows for diversity and a community in a rather small profession.

Christiana Frascone

Second Year |

Hometown Lake Elmo, Minnesota

Undergraduate InstitutionUniversity of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Why did you choose PacificI chose Pacific University as I found the class schedule unique. With the program being fast paced, you typically take one course at a time. This means that I am able to focus all of my time and energy on one subject which allows me to really dive into the content. The SIM-LAB is another piece of the education that I found interesting; I know that I am a very hands-on learner, so I enjoy having an Audiology Suite with up to date equipment open to me 24/7 for practice. I also stayed close to home for undergraduate, so I was ready to experience being far away from home.

What do you like about being a student at PacificI like the professors, the program and the area. You are able to see that the professors are not only passionate about their classes but also very hands-on in teaching you. They truly want you to succeed and be able to carry the skills that you learn in class over to the clinic. I am also enjoying the proximity to Portland as well as the coast. There is so much to do here in your spare time, there is no way you will be bored!

Meagan Julian

Second Year |

Hometown San Jose, California 

Undergraduate Institution | San Jose State University - BA in Communicative Disorders and Sciences; Minor in Deaf Education

Why did you choose PacificPacific University advocates for the success of their students and that showed when I attended the interview day. The environment felt safe, the staff and faculty were friendly and welcoming, and the students answered honestly and openly to all of our questions. The non-competitive drive the school offers intrigued me as well as the two-week courses that allow me to test my limits and challenge myself. The Simulation Lab and Ear Clinic are amazing; we have the best resources to prepare for our careers as future audiologists! 

What do you like about being a student at PacificAs a student at Pacific University, it has lived up to my expectations and more. The preceptors demonstrate their care for student's academic success, physical and mental health with their open-door policy. The easy accessibility to the Simulation Lab and Ear Clinic is useful to take advantage of to practice and master your audiological skills. The non-competitive environment Pacific University offers has allowed my classmates and me to work collaboratively to a better understanding of certain concepts as we go through this journey together. And with the Student Academy of Audiology Chapter, we can make connections, volunteer, and give back to our community. Pacific University is not only academically likable but also in terms of nearby beautiful sites to explore and visit. In the Pacific Northwest, there are many activities for everyone to enjoy! 

Jessica Miles

Second Year |

Hometown South Haven, Michigan

Undergraduate InstitutionNorthern Michigan University; B.S. in Speech Language, and Hearings Sciences

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific University School of Audiology has many appealing aspects, specifically the design of the program in comparison to other universities. I chose this program because I did not want to be limited in exploring the possibilities the field has to offer. Here at Pacific I found the program to be one that would be a place for learning, growth, and equip me with exceptional skills that I would need to be successful in my career. I chose Pacific because I knew I would receive the education that fit me best. For me it was an accelerated program and the opportunity to have multiple experiences in different settings for internships.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I love being a student at Pacific! Truly, the students and preceptors are wonderful people from all over the world. They are my family for the next three years and eventually, my future colleagues. Each one has something different that they bring to the program, I am always learning something new from each person. At Pacific I am challenged by the program, but everyone wants to see each other succeed. It’s like having a whole section of fans at an event for you every day cheering you one! I love how approachable my preceptors are. When you need help, other students are right there willing to help you through anything along with your preceptors. As a student I value having an environment that I feel I can learn and make mistakes along the way. I am thankful to have found that here at Pacific!

Kindra Robbins

Second Year |

Hometown Anchorage, Alaska 

Undergraduate InstitutionWestern Washington University; B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders. Minor in International Studies

Why did you choose Pacific | Part of the reason that I chose Pacific University was the accelerated three year program. This doctorate program will allow me to finish school and return to Alaska to start serving my community a year earlier than any other doctorate program. I also love the block scheduling, I was nervous about attending a semester based school where I might have to retain class material for a whole 17 weeks before taking an exam. However, at Pacific we have an exam about every two weeks instead of a bunch of exams at the end of the semester, which is perfect for me since I have always been on the quarter system.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Our cohort size is larger than most programs and this gives us the opportunity to meet more people, form more friendships and have more people to answer our questions. We spend a lot of time with our cohort in our amazing class and clinical spaces and it is great getting to know everyone and learning from each other as well as the faculty. Everyone is always so happy and excited to learn and this collective positivity has made the transition from undergrad very smooth.

Molly Sienko

Second Year |

Hometown | Blaine, Minnesota

Undergraduate Institution | University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Why did you choose Pacific | Trying to figure out which graduate programs to apply to as well as maneuvering the application process can be very time consuming and stressful. The administrative staff at Pacific University as well as their Student Ambassadors were always available to answer any questions that I had and truly made me feel a part of their community even before I was accepted. 

What do you like about being a student at PacificIn an accelerated doctoral program, having a group of fellow students and faculty who you know are there to support and encourage you during this crazy time is essential, and that is exactly was Pacific has to offer. I enjoy being a student here because the faculties doors are always open to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and your fellow students know exactly what you're going through and are willing to help you work through any issues that may arise.

Brittany Stevens

Second Year |

Hometown | St. Paul, MN

Undergraduate Institution | Augsburg University B. A. in Psychology & B. A. in Religion

Why did you choose PacificI chose Pacific University because of their accelerated curriculum , but Pacific has much more to offer than just an accelerated program. The coursework is intense but manageable with good time management skills and the faculty are very supportive. Also, having a block schedule really helps to focus on a topic and build our knowledge with each class. Pacific University also emphasizes early and consistent involvement at their audiology clinic where students can gain practical experience. 

What do you like about being a student at PacificI love being a student at Pacific because of the people. Both my peers and faculty form a tight knit group that I can rely on for support when I need it. I feel like my classmates and I build each other up and make each other better through collaborating. The faculty are just as supportive and approachable as well and they are willing to go above and beyond to help you when you need it. I could not think of a better atmosphere in which to learn than the one at Pacific.

Kathleen Theilacker

Second Year |

Hometown | Riverside, California

Undergraduate Institution | California Baptist University

Why did you choose PacificAfter searching through many universities, Pacific's program proved to be an extremely unique one. On my interview day, it was evident how much the professors truly cared for the students and wanted to see them go above and beyond success. The first and second year cohorts create an overwhelmingly loving and supportive atmosphere where there is no competition but instead people actually want each other to succeed.

What do you like about being a student at PacificMy favorite part of the program is that we are given so many opportunities to learn, gain experience, and to succeed. The students and professors genuinely care for each other and I cannot imagine being a part of any other program.

Breanne Torio 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | San Francisco State University; B.A. in Communicative Disorders, Minor in Special Education

Hometown | Daly City, California

Why did you choose Pacific | As someone who grew up in the Bay Area, I felt as if I would be limited in terms of personal growth if I were to pursue a higher level of education over there. In addition to this, the number of Audiology programs in California is scarce and I was also ready to leave the comfort of my home. So, once I received an email about an upcoming interview at Pacific University, I immediately looked up flights from California to Oregon. That decision turned into a life-changing experience because I could see myself being a student here right away. I loved the idea of challenging myself with the 2-week block schedule, enhancing new skills in the clinic, or perfecting techniques with our lab groups. I also appreciated the manner in which professors also acknowledged their students as colleagues and vice versa. Let’s go Boxers!!! :)

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | There are so many things to choose from! The supportive faculty members and my fellow classmates are definitely a plus because everyone does their best to help anyone who may struggle on a particular concept. I also enjoy the variety of hands-on experiences that we participated in the unique facilities that the program has to offer, which includes the Teaching Lab, Simulation Lab, and the Pacific EarClinic. Outside of the classroom, there are quite a few food options or coffee shops to choose from in case any students need a break.

Rianna Vargas

Second Year |

Hometown | I grew up in Monroe, WI, but live in Petaluma, CA.

Undergraduate Institution | San Diego State University-BA in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; CA State University-Northridge-BA in Deaf Studies; Gallaudet University-MA in Mental Health Counseling

Why did you choose PacificI chose Pacific University because I heard it was a great school and had a great program. I also liked how it is a 3-year AuD program instead of 4 years. I also looked at the course offerings and liked the uniqueness of the classes they offered such as various Pediatric classes and Audiologic Management for Musicians. I also appreciated how they didn’t count GRE scores as part of your application.

What do you like about being a student at PacificI really like being a student at Pacific University because I feel like overall, we have a really supportive environment. The instructors are great and you can tell they really care and invest in their students. I also like how we have a class every two weeks. It is a lot of information to pack into two weeks, but once you are done with the course you move onto the next one. Overall, Pacific University offers a positive learning environment both in class and in clinicals. I hope you will consider joining the Pacific University family!

Class of 2021

Nicole Castro 

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | San Francisco State University; BA in Communicative Disorders Minor in Special Education

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because I felt it offered a positive learning environment for my needs. Previous Student Ambassadors were so open about the exciting and challenging times ahead, and I felt the support from faculty, staff, and peers were an important aspect in this program. Also, Pacific has a 2-week block schedule. I am a hands-on learner and so I was very intrigued to learn that Pacific has a simulation lab where we can practice our skills that follow along with the material in lecture.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Pacific is an accelerated 3-year program and as daunting as that can be faculty, staff, and peers are incredibly supportive at helping their students succeed. They will set time aside their busy schedule and are more than happy to help you understand the material. They understand that as students we will make mistakes and it’s their goal to help us feel confident on the material and skills, so we do not make the same mistakes with our future patients. The School of Audiology community at Pacific is very encouraging and wants its students to enjoy learning while balancing some self-love.

Ashley Chun


Undergraduate Institution | University of Nevada, Reno; Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies

Why did you choose Pacific | From my very first impression during interviews at Pacific, I knew it was different than any other graduate programs I looked at. The professors were clearly so passionate about audiology, but most importantly they were really advocating for the students’ success. It was obvious that they were going to shape and mold me to the audiologist that I would hope to be in the future. Another important aspect was the 3 year accelerated program that only so many graduate schools offer. The speed of the program and constant hands-on experience through the simulation lab makes Pacific University unlike any other.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Being in a 3 year accelerated program, I was terrified if I was going to be able to keep up. However, the professors have been engaging in making sure they are constantly present with guidance and support. But most importantly, Pacific University has truly given me a home away from home. From the professors and my fellow cohort, I have been given a community that will always push me to be the best and will be there to support me in my future path into audiology. 

Randi Cook 

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Western Oregon University; BA American Sign Language

Hometown | Woodland, California

Why did you chose Pacific | When it came to the decision of choosing Pacific University for my graduate school, there were two significant factors that played a huge role. The first being that I felt that my success and happiness were the highest priorities for the faculty. Often, during undergrad, I felt isolated and left alone when it came to my progression and success. It is completely different here at Pacific! I truly feel that the people around me go above and beyond to ensure that I feel supported. The second factor was the acceleration of this program. The fast pace of this three-year program fits my life style and drive. Therefore, this program matches my speed and gives me the opportunity to start my externship a year earlier than most programs.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | There are so many things I like about being a student at Pacific University but if I would have to chose one thing, it would be the feeling of community I get by being here. I felt automatically accepted and immersed into the program and school right away! When choosing a graduate program, you have to be confident that it will be an environment where you will thrive.

Danielle Jenkins 

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of Central Florida; B.S. Communication Science and Disorders 

Hometown | Tampa, Florida 

Why did you chose Pacific | What originally drew me to Pacific was the accelerated aspect of the program. I knew Pacific was my new home away from home the moment interview day began. The staff and current students warmly welcomed us and answered any questions we had. The SimLab was impressive and is currently providing the perfect environment to start my journey as an audiologist to be. Being from Florida, I knew it was a huge leap for me but there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice.  

What do I like about being a student at Pacific | What I love about Pacific is how much the staff is approachable and wants you to succeed. The staff goes above and beyond when it comes to their teaching methods to ensure the students understand the material. Pacific sets students up for success not only in the classroom but also in the clinic. I have already been exposed to pediatric screenings at local elementary schools and the Pacific Ear Clinic. Through Pacific, I had the opportunity to volunteer at OAA this year where I was educated on current audiology debates and was exposed to the latest technology manufacturers had to offer. The program is fast paced and is challenging at times; however, my fellow peers and professors are always there to support, encourage and help throughout the program. 

Grace Paddock 

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of Mississippi Bachelor of Science Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Why did you choose Pacific | I was first drawn to Pacific University because of the accelerated aspect and the unique block schedule. When I came to campus and received my first tour I was blown away by everything Pacific has to offer. The simulation lab is always open and gives students a place to practice and perfect their skills, the classrooms, labs, and clinic are all located in one building so there is no running from one side of campus to the other, and there is always a friendly face around the corner. Being so far from home I wanted to attend a university that made me feel like I was a part of the family and I found that at Pacific!

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Pacific University is truly a special place. The professors are on your side and want you to succeed. They are approachable and go out of their way to get to know you. The larger cohort also gives you the ability to make a ton of friends right from the start. This makes studying and being in the classroom all day so much more enjoyable. We also get to start hands on learning right from the beginning. We are in the simulation lab, clinic, and local school districts to conduct hearing screenings starting the first month of the program to begin to apply our knowledge. These are just a few of the reason why I enjoy being a student at Pacific University!

Theresa Ravago 

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of California, Merced; Molecular and Cell Biological Sciences, BS

Hometown | Stockton, CA

Why You Chose Pacific University | Determining where to build the foundation for your professional career is such an important decision. What stood out most to me about Pacific University was the genuine care for the success of each and every student. The faculty and staff assured me that my strengths are valued here at Pacific and my weaknesses are just as important in my growth as an individual. Knowing I would be in a safe and supportive environment to make mistakes and relentlessly encouraged to improve and refine my knowledge and skills, was one of the many reasons why I chose Pacific University. 

What Do You Like About Being a Student at Pacific | The innovative block system has been such a great match to my learning style. The classes build on one another and continuously reinforce the knowledge we’ve acquired. The early hands on experience has also helped in solidifying what we learned in the classroom and making it clinically applicable early on. The resources we have in our program are immense— from the simulation pods, teaching laboratories, and great accessibility to our preceptors. Here at Pacific, we truly are supported by all faculty and staff members because they genuinely want you to succeed and reach your potential as a student clinician and future audiologist. 

Satara Setzer

Third Year |

Undergraduate | University of Nevada, Reno; Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology

Hometown | Chandler, Arizona 

Why you chose Pacific | The biggest thing that appealed to me was the access we have to the simulation lab. At other schools you have to share access to a small number of facilities, but at Pacific you have access to all the testing equipment in the lab and the clinic, which gives us limitless opportunities to hone our skills for the praxis and our placements. As someone who is a really hands on learner, this is an invaluable opportunity for me to become comfortable and get acquainted with everything. 

What you like about being a student at Pacific | Because your time is so short in the accelerated program, everyone becomes incredibly close early on. There is really no time for formality, you are immediately surrounded by people who understand what you are going through and who want to help you succeed! This is true for both professors and for your fellow classmates, everyone knows everyone and the support is immense. 

Zoha Sohel 

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of British Columbia; Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology

Hometown | Vancouver, BC

Why did you chose Pacific | I chose this program because it is well-rounded in terms of both academics and clinical experience. The block module system is very effective because it allows for a deeper understanding of concepts. Also, the clinical practicum starts within the first month of the program, which is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience very early on in the program. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | My favorite part about the program is the professors because they are very supportive and approachable. They are wiling to go above and beyond to make sure that every student is comfortable with the learning materials and are always available to answer any questions. 

Tiffany Tran 

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of California, Riverside; BA Linguistics

Hometown | Garden Grove, California

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific University offers many valuable opportunities for early hands-on learning experience as well as technologically advanced tools to enhance your educational progress. There were so many positives about Pacific University such as the EarClinic, the SIMlab, and the condensed yet concise 3-year block system schedule. Another plus point for out of state students is no tax in Oregon!

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I feel very privileged as a student here at Pacific University due to the early hands-on opportunities with the equipment, as well as the attentive and encouraging professors who truly desire for the students to succeed. The overall Pacific AuD community treats their students like family and that really helped me to find my comfort zone so far away from home.

Madison Turner-Cole 

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Western Washington University; B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hometown | Arlington, WA

Why I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific University because of the block system schedule. This correlates with my learning style, and I knew it would help me succeed in graduate school. Another reason I chose Pacific was the wonderful faculty. From the second I set foot on campus, I felt very welcomed. It was very apparent how much they wanted to see their students succeed and would go the extra mile to make sure that happened.

What I like about being a student at Pacific | My favorite part about being a student at Pacific is the wonderful individuals I get to surround myself with daily. You couldn’t ask for better faculty who are there to help during every step of the process and provide so much encouragement to their students. Additionally, this includes my peer group, who even in a short time, I have grown close to and rely so heavily on for support. The community is truly what sets Pacific University’s School of Audiology apart from other programs.