Specialties | Applied Psychological Science

The APS program offers two specialties that allow students to focus on coursework leading to their desired careers in psychology: Applied Research and Clinical Psychology. These specialties share a common core of classes and are augmented by a set of specialty-specific courses (see degree requirements).

The Applied Research Specialty emphasizes coursework in behavioral statistics and research methodology, along with opportunity to apply these skills in conducting real-world research projects for community partners.  Students will demonstrate competence in empirical methods of scientific inquiry through completion of a thesis project.  Graduates will be qualified to contribute to the research process in many ways, including research or evaluation design, outcome measures development, data analysis, and research data presentations to stakeholders.  These functions are becoming increasingly important to agencies in the current evidence-based practice and outcomes-reporting environments. PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently accepting applications into the Applied Research Specialty.

The Clinical Psychology Specialty emphasizes the development of assessment and therapy skills through foundational coursework in counseling, diagnostic and outcomes assessment, and evidence-based practice. Students will gain hands-on experience through supervised clinical work in an agency setting during a year-long practicum, learning foundational clinical skills that are transferable to a wide range of problem areas and populations. Graduates will have the credentials to work as Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHPs) within a variety of job titles in the mental health field, and may meet educational requirements for licensure at the master's level.  Applicants are advised to research the educational requirements of the licensing boards of the states or provinces in which they intend to work.

Additionally, both specialties prepare graduates to be competitive applicants for future doctoral programs in psychology by offering them an excellent array of what are considered the foundational science and practice courses in psychology.