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Please complete the BHS application to be considered for the program. If you have any technical difficulties with our application, contact ApplyWeb at

If you are a Concordia transfer student, please reach out to Emily Josi for application assistance!


Ideal applicants for the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) degree should have:

  • A minimum of 76 semester or 114 quarter credits that can transfer into the program
  • A cumulative 2.75 GPA or higher
  • Work or other experience in healthcare or business (full-time work, job shadowing, volunteer experience, etc.)
  • Completed the BHS program application along with the submission of official transcripts for all college-level coursework

If you have any questions about the transferability of coursework from your institution or would like a free transcript review, contact Emily Josi

General Education Requirements

Coursework does not need to be completed to apply to the BHS program. However, to be eligible for admission for a given academic year, you need to show that you can complete all the required coursework in a reasonable amount of time with grades of C- or better.

Course Category Example Courses Credits (Quarter)
Writing Writing, English literature, English composition 2
Arts & Letters Humanities, History, Ethics, World languages, Literature, Philosophy, Communications, Film Studies, Art, Music, Theatre, Religion, Gender Studies, Human Geography, Media Arts, Graphic Design 9
Social Science Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, Political Science, Law, Criminal Justice, Geography, Public Health, History 9
Natural Science Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Life Science, Oceanography, Nutrition, Bioinformatics, Physical Anthropology, Computer Science 12
Mathematics Students may use the required BHS course HSC 435 Statistical Analysis and Decision Making to meet this requirement 5
Speech/Oral Communication/Cultural Literacy Language, Speech, Communication, Public Speaking. HSC 301 & HSC 302 Spanish I & II can be used to fulfill this requirement. 6

Additional Program Requirements

  • Immunizations and screenings (varies based on health insurance)
  • Criminal Background Check (approximately $100)
  • Drug Screening (approximately $100)
  • CPR/BLS Certification (approximately $100)

The costs associated with immunizations, criminal background check, and drug screenings are the responsibility of the student and are dependent on health insurance coverage (immunizations and drug screening) and number of residences (background check).

Required Trainings

  • HealthStream (Free) 
  • Plagiarism and APA Formatting ($49 fee)


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Amber Vanzant | Program Assistant
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