Gerontology Graduate Certificate Program

Post-Baccalaureate, Certificate, Online

Become a Gerontologist— Our online post-baccalaureate program is designed for many different employment opportunities including leadership, entrepreneurship, aging specialist, and health educator.

Our program develops ethical, visionary leaders who want to advance their knowledge and skills to improve societal health and well-being in the aging population.

Why Study Gerontology at Pacific University

Pacific University’s online graduate certificate program in gerontology for the healthcare professional has a unique mission to foster and facilitate transdisciplinary education that enhances the quality of life of older adults. The certificate program emphasizes the science of aging and the experience of aging. The program focuses on:

  • Health and aging
  • Elder rights and health disparity in aging
  • Creating change in the healthcare environment by developing, leading and managing innovative programs to better serve older adults

At Pacific, we focus on authentic learning, or developing real-life knowledge and skills. The program encourages students to create tangible and useful products to be shared with their world. In the gerontology program, students develop and implement ideas in their own workplaces. Pacific professors provide motivational challenges. They nurture and provide the necessary criteria, planning, timelines, resources and support to accommodate student success.

Here, the professor guides and facilitates. Assignments become processes for creating change and better outcomes in services to older adults. The capstone project is a real-life task that provides the learner with opportunities to connect with the real world.

Instead of vicariously discussing topics and regurgitating information in a traditional way on an exam, Pacific’s gerontology program provides learners with support to achieve a tangible, useful product worth sharing with their community and their world.

Program Features

  • 15 credits (six courses completed three consecutive semesters)
  • Online format designed to meet the needs of a working professional
  • Interdisciplinary faculty and students
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Courses designed to empower students to create change in their work environment



The director of Pacific's Certificate of Gerontology program recently discussed the publication and the importance work and active living has for senior citizens' health.

Sarah Jaehnert and Gerontology Program Director


Having been immersed in virtually every part of Pacific University since childhood, Gaston resident Tori Eaton still wasn't exactly sure where her student experience would ultimately take her professionally.