Optometry Student Learning Outcomes

The curriculum for the Doctor of Optometry degree program is broad in scope while emphasizing areas of traditional strength and uniqueness within the profession. The faculty members of the College of Optometry recognize the value and importance of active learning in the classroom, wherein students are active participants in their learning. The goals of incorporating active learning techniques are to enhance the retention of material beyond individual classes, the development of problem-solving skills, enthusiasm for learning, and motivation for life-long study. While the courses in the curriculum are listed in a traditional lecture and laboratory format, active learning is an element in both the classrooms and laboratories.

In February 2023, the College of Optometry faculty adopted the following program learning outcomes:

PLO-1 Knowledge Acquisition & Critical Thinking:
Graduates acquire the disciplinary knowledge of clinical competencies required to practice optometry and demonstrate foundational problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

PLO-2 Application:
Graduates demonstrate successful application of the didactic, laboratory, and clinical abilities that will allow them to competently examine, diagnose, treat, and manage patients within the field of optometry.

PLO-3 Communication:
Graduates demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills that allow productive, effective, and respectful engagement with all patients, healthcare professionals and all individuals involved with patient care.

PLO-4 Community Engagement and Service:
Graduates show active engagement in optometric community service and demonstrate knowledge of underlying principles of service and understanding needs of diverse communities locally and globally.

PLO-5 Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Perspectives:
Graduates demonstrate knowledge of optometry’s role in addressing individual, cultural and socioeconomic differences, including how equity, diversity, and inclusion can impact healthcare and other aspects of life.