Selection Process | PhD in Vision Science

Applications submitted online will be made available to the Vision Science Graduate Program for review.

If passing the initial review, the applicant will be contacted by the VSG program for an interview.

Decisions about fall admission are generally made within one month after the interview. Applicants will be notified of the final decision through the Graduate & Professional Office via e-mail. The notification e-mail will provide instructions for proceeding with admission, orientation, and matriculation.

Application Evaluation

Enrollment in the PhD in Vision Science Program is limited and admission is selective. The Vision Science Graduate (VSG) Committee utilizes a holistic review process in considering applicants for admission, considering such factors as:

  • Academic record
  • Personal interview
  • Application essay or other writing samples
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Reference Survey
  • Prior research or clinical care experiences
  • Demonstration of commitment to pursuing a professional career in vision science

The VSG Committee may consider giving “incomplete admission” to applicants with satisfactory academic qualifications but missing proof of English proficiency. Incomplete admission is valid only for two years; afterward, the applicant must re-apply for admission.