AOT Registration

The Advanced Ocular Therapeutics (AOT) course is a 23-hour certificate course on systemic and injectible medications used in eye care. This course currently meets the didactic requirements for optometrists in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. After viewing all 18 segments of the course, the doctor will take a written exam over the course materials. This exam will be administered through an approved proctor site (state board offices, university or at Pacific University College of Optometry). Any proctor fees will be the doctor's responsibility.

The tuition for the course will be $1,800. Doctors will have 30 days to view the 18 segments of the course from the time their registrations have been processed.


To register for Advanced Ocular Therapeutics (AOT), please complete the registration form (pdf) and email to Jeanne Oliver at or by fax at 503-352-2929.

Upon receipt of your completed registration form and 50 percent deposit ($900), you will receive a password to access the video courses.

Once you have received the password information for the courses, please visit Advanced Ocular Therapeutics — View Courses.

After you’ve completed the 18 segments, the balance of the registration ($900) will be due and the written exam will be sent to your designated proctor. The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions. The exam is returned to Pacific University College of Optometry for scoring. A passing score is 75 percent.

The course materials were recorded Aug.16-18, 2010, during the PUCO/OOPA AOT course at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Course master is Ken Eakland, O.D.

Additional Requirements

Washington requires an additional eight hours of supervised clinical workshop and four hours of injections workshop for licensure. Please contact Jeanne Oliver for more information.

Alaska requires an additional 7 hour injections workshop. Please contact the Alaska Board of Optometry for more information.