Pathway to Pacific's Graduate Programs

Pacific offers direct pathways into Health Professions, Business, Education and Optometry graduate programs.

Health Professions

The Pacific University Advantage Program offers students rigorous preparation for careers in the health professions through a combination of coursework, advising, observational hours, experiential learning opportunities and assistance with the application process.

In addition, students in the Advantage Program may apply for an early decision for admission to Pacific’s health professions programs during their junior year. Advantage Scholars who successfully complete all program requirements will be offered one guaranteed interview with the Pacific University graduate or professional health program of their choice.

Successful early-decision applicants will thus be able to complete their senior year with the knowledge that they have a space held for them in one of Pacific’s graduate or professional programs, provided they continue to perform well in their coursework and meet standards.

All early acceptances will be provisional, in that accepted college juniors will have to meet requirements during the year leading up to admission, including receiving an undergraduate degree from Pacific University, and fulfilling requirements set by the program.


Pacific University’s College of Business gives undergraduates the tools and knowledge they need to become the business leaders of tomorrow. Our undergraduates study accounting, management, finance, international business, marketing and actuarial science. Students gain real-life experience through Pacific University’s internship programs, travel courses and networking opportunities.

Students can take a traditional four-year route to graduation while incorporating minors, studying abroad, or other opportunities into their majors. Qualified students may choose a three-year plan to graduation with no summer classes and no extra costs for the student. No matter the route, Pacific University graduates with a 3.0 GPA or better will receive guaranteed acceptance into our MBA program with concentrations in finance and management.

Our graduates have the ability to apply their knowledge and find careers in almost any type of organization, from large Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations. Major industries in the Portland Metropolitan Area include technology services, hospitality and tourism, action sportswear and apparel, financial services, entertainment, medical and electronics manufacturers and distributors, and many others.


The Pacific University College of Education offers dynamic undergraduate and graduate teaching programs that will help you transform the lives of your students, because everything begins with a great teacher.

At Pacific University, our goal is to prepare teachers who promote and nurture their students’ intellectual, ethical, social and emotional growth. Our students become teachers who are culturally competent and focused on student-centered classrooms. We offer paths to initial teaching licensure, as well as advanced programs for current teachers and those interested in the study of education. Additionally, students may obtain an endorsement in special education or teaching English as a second language.

Our students enjoy a close cohort of peers who support one another throughout the learning process. They begin their hands-on experience with classroom observation in their first year of study. We are embedded in our communities, and our students have a myriad of opportunities to practice their skills, from our on-campus Early Learning Community for young students, to local school placements and even international experiences.


The Pacific University Optometry Scholars program is an academically challenging program designed for incoming freshman and transfer students at Pacific University that provides a structured pathway to earning a Doctor of Optometry degree. The rigorous coursework and various co-curricular elements develop academic and professional skills needed for graduate study.

Students who must maintain program standards and fulfill all of the admissions requirements gain acceptance to the Pacific University College of Optometry.