Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute (OHWI)

The Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute's (OHWI) mission is to improve health care for every Oregonian through coordinated development of a high-quality workforce. OHWI developed out of an initiative from the Governor’s office in 2005 and brings together representatives from the public and private sectors, the healthcare industry, education, and health professions to collectively develop strategies and engage in solutions to address Oregon's healthcare workforce needs, trends, and opportunities. 

OHWI is a valuable resource for healthcare workforce research and information to inform public and private strategies and investments in health profession education and pipeline programs, need distribution, employment, recruitment strategies, and retention efforts. OHWI’s researchers come from a broad array of disciplines, bringing important data to light, and provide consultations and research reports on healthcare workforce, health professions, industry, and education issues to support evidence-based solutions and opportunities. Contact OHWI for more information on Oregon’s healthcare workforce and for copies of our research publications. 

At Pacific University, OHWI serves as the home to the Regional Area Health Education Center (AHEC), funded by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration, through an award made to the AHEC Program Office at OHSU. Learn more about the Regional AHEC Center.  



Contact Us

D. C. Johnson, MPH | Director, Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute

503-352-6507 | chadj@pacificu.edu