Research Compliance and Integrity

Temporary halt to human subjects research during COVID-19 outbreak 

All non-essential and non-critical human subjects research that is conducted in-person is suspended until further notice. In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, this temporary policy is implemented to protect our participants, researchers, students, and the larger community from risk of infection from COVID-19. Please see the IRB Committee's webpage for further information.



The Research Compliance and Integrity division of the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects focuses on compliance for regulated research, research misconduct reporting and handling, and oversees internal audits of research, and other policies related to research, such as paying research participants and conflict of interest disclosures.

Regulatory Compliance 

Pacific University has three compliance committees:

Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects Research

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee - Oversees the care and use of animals for research and instructional purposes

Institutional Biosafety Committee - Oversight of recombinant DNA and pathogen research.

Internal Regulatory Audits

In an effort to ensure compliant and ethical research practices at Pacific University, the various compliance committees conduct regular audits of ongoing research. Please refer to the Internal Regulatory Audits page for general information.

Paying Research Participants

Pacific University's Business Office and OSSP have worked to establish a policy regarding the payment of research participants. This policy will be periodically updated, so please check for updates when determining compensation for your research study.

Research Misconduct 

OSSP handles all reports of research misconduct and investigations into cases of alleged research misconduct. Please refer to Research Misconduct Policy and Reporting for an overview of the process, an understanding of research misconduct, and information for reporting concerns to the Research Integrity Officer.

Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure

OSSP is updating requirements surrounding financial conflict of interest disclosure as related to regulated research and sponsored projects.