IRBNet is the online proposal submission system that Pacific University uses for all human research proposals, Authorization Agreements, and other requests.

Creating an IRBNet Account

  1. Go to IRBNet
  2. Register as a new user. Use your Pacific University email to set up the account.
  3. Search for Pacific University. When searching, make sure to check the box for boards so you can select the appropriate review committee at Pacific (the IRB). (Note: Pacific University has three compliance committees that use IRBNet. Throughout the process of submitting a proposal, be sure you select the correct committee.)
  4. In the User Profile in the upper right-hand corner, please upload all training certifications (NIH or CITI), general licenses (not protocol-specific), and CVs, as applicable.

IRBNet Tips and Tricks for the IRB

There is significant information about IRBNet on the Submission Guidelines page relating to submitting to the IRB. Please read these IRBNet tips in order to become better acquainted with IRBNet.

Principal Investigator Status in IRBNet

When creating a new project to submit, it is required that the Principal Investigator listed on that initial window be a Pacific faculty member. Any student PIs can be indicated as such on the proposal. For all intents and purposes, the faculty member is the principal investigator and should be indicated as such (or faculty PI) in IRBNet and all proposal documents.


Every time you are shared on a project, one of your research team members has signed the IRBNet package, you receive a Board decision, or documents are published online. Once you address the notification, it is recommended that you remove the flag. All current notifications can be viewed by clicking on the flag in the blue bar on the lefthand side of the page, or you can view project-specific notifications by clicking on a project.

Unlocked Packages

Details regarding unlocked packages and relocking packages can be found on the IRB's Submission Guidelines page. Ignoring resubmission instructions when a study is unlocked can delay review of your study.

Researchers Outside of Pacific University

If you are collaborating with research team members that are not of the Pacific University community, invite the collaborators to create an IRBNet account following our instructions and ask that the associate with the Pacific University IRB. Be sure they click the Board checkbox when searching for an affiliation.