Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires


Program Information

The API Buenos Aires program, which includes academic options at two universities, the Universidad de Belgrano and the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, gives students the opportunity to study and live in the city that stands at the center of Argentine cultural and political life. Buenos Aires, with its wide boulevards and distinctly European character, is known as the “Paris of Latin America” and will be an attractive destination for students looking to experience a major urban center in Latin America.

The Universidad de Belgrano, which is located in the historic upper-middle class district of Belgrano, has an enrollment of 12,000, and offers 24 degree programs from 9 academic departments, including Language and Foreign Studies, where Pacific students will take most of their classes.  Belgrano which, as an independent town in 1880, was for a few tumultuous weeks Argentina’s capital, is a lively area of cafés, specialty shops, clothing stores and other retail venues.

The Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT), is located across the road from the towering, iconic River Plate football (soccer) stadium, site of Argentina’s 1978 World Cup victory. UTDT is the top-ranked private university in Argentina. Established in 1991 UTDT moved into its impressive, state-of-the-art campus in 2013. UTDT, with an enrollment of 5,300, split between 10 undergraduate and 34 graduate programs, has a focus on the Social Sciences, Business, Law, Architecture and Design.


At the Universidad de Belgrano, students will have two academic options: the Argentine and Latin American Studies Program and the Intensive Spanish Language Studies. The Argentine and Latin American Studies programs allows for the following combination of options: an intensive Spanish language course prior to the start of the standard semester; a semester-long Spanish course, and 3-4 elective courses taught in Spanish or English that are specifically for international students; take classes with local Argentine students taught in Spanish (which requires advanced Spanish-language proficiency). In the Intensive Spanish Language track Pacific students would be placed in 2-3 month-long Intermediate or Advanced classes.

The academic program at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella includes an optional month-long 4-credit intensive language-class that will be held prior to the beginning of each semester. The core academic program has two tracks: Track 1 allows students to select up to three classes taught in English, and combine them with Spanish-taught classes. The English classes are offered through the International Programs Department, which also offers Spanish classes taught specifically for international students. Track 2 is for students who are at a sufficient Spanish proficiency level and want to take up to three fully integrated classes with Argentine students. They may also combine integrated classes with the classes taught in Spanish for international students. Most classes at UTDT earn 4 semester credits.

Other Opportunities

Students can take advantage of two special opportunities that have been developed by the City of Buenos Aires. 

Education majors in particular might be interested in a month-long teaching experience through a new program designed to promote bilingualism in local schools. This opportunity will include significant classroom observation, as well as the chance to take over as lead teacher in two classes.

Participants in the API Buenos Aires programs with advanced Spanish skills can also apply to participate in a two-month internship with the city government of Buenos Aires. This option, which is unpaid and non-credit bearing through API, requires a major commitment of 24 hours per week. Students will be assigned to a department and will have the opportunity to interact with public policy leaders within the city government.  While credit is not awarded through API, students will be encouraged to pursue additional credit through Pacific’s standard internship approval process.

Housing and Meals

Students will be housed with families in the Recoleta, Palermo or Belgrano neighborhoods, a maximum of 45 minutes from the host universities. Two meals per day (except on weekends) and a weekly laundry service are included.


Minimum GPA: 2.75

Language: Must have completed level 102* of college-level Spanish.

*For students fulfilling the requirements of a language major or minor, or the International Studies major, the completion of 202 or equivalent in the appropriate language and a 3.0 GPA average in language classes are required prior to beginning the program. 

Must have attended Pacific University full-time for at least one semester.

Important Dates

  • Advising Appointment | During Fall Semester
  • Application Deadline | February 10

Buenos Aires program