Study Abroad in Cadiz, Spain

Program Information

The program is at the University of Cadiz, which has been welcoming international students for almost 50 years. The main branch of the three-campus university system, where participants will take most classes, is located in the city center. Students will enjoy the atmosphere of this modern campus which retains much of the charm of this fascinating city.

Cadiz, population 160,000, was founded by the Phoenicians approximately 1,100 years before Christ, and holds the distinction of being the oldest city in Europe. Cadiz is surrounded by the sea on three sides and is only accessible by the "Puerta de Tierra," a strip of land that was constructed in 1755 by Torcuato Cayon. The city's architectural treasures include the Catedral Vieja, originally constructed in 1200 and rebuilt in 1602, and its extension, the Catedral Nueva, which reflects the baroque and neoclassical styles of the 18th and 19th centuries.

During the 16th century, the colonial sea trade made Cadiz one of the richest cities in Europe. The greatest recognition in modern history came in the 18th century when Cadiz became the primary port of trade with America, a period during which it was known as the "enterprising city." Today Cadiz is known for its charm, great seafood, relaxed atmosphere, clarity of air, and the warm southern Spanish hospitality.


Pacific's program in Cadiz is run as a cooperative program with Academic Programs International (API). The Integrated Studies with Spaniards Program offers fluent (or near fluent) Spanish speakers the opportunity to enroll directly in classes with Spaniards. This program is a great opportunity for the motivated, superior level Spanish speaker who wants to study abroad with complete immersion. It is unique in that it allows students to create their own program of study by selecting among many of the classes offered by the University of Cadiz. API students will take classes taught at a native level with Spanish students, which will offer a more challenging and authentic classroom atmosphere.

Housing and Meals

Students will live with host families. Host family living provides a unique opportunity to interact with Spaniards on a daily basis, to live in a home environment, to experience Spanish culture first hand, and to eat traditional cuisine. Host families may consist of a single senora (with or without children) or may be a traditional two-parent household. Host families provide students with two or three meals a day, laundry service, linens, and a key to come and go. Families are carefully screened by API to ensure the best reception in your new country. Most students will be housed with another API student.

Excursions and Social Activities

The Cadiz program usually includes excursions to Madrid (four nights), El Escorial, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Jerez (fall), Seville, and Tarifa and Bolonia (spring).


Minimum GPA : 2.75

Language : Must have completed level 102* of college Spanish, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in Spanish

*For students fulfilling the requirements of a language major or minor, or the International Studies major, the completion of 202 or equivalent in the appropriate language and a 3.0 GPA average in language classes are required prior to beginning the program. 

Must have attended Pacific University full-time for at least one semester

Important Dates

  • Advising Appointment : During Fall Semester
  • Application Deadline : February 10

Program Dates :

  • Fall: End of August until mid/end of December

  • Spring: January until June

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