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J.F. Oberlin University Program Information

A very limited number of Pacific students now have the opportunity to study in Tokyo through our partnership with J.F. Oberlin University (JFOU). With its magnificent temples and museums, vibrant shopping areas, and vast range of opportunities for experiencing Japanese culture, the Tokyo metropolis is the throbbing heart of Japan. JFOU is located in the vibrant suburb of Machida, which is well served by public transportation and provides easy access to central Tokyo as well as nearby mountains and beaches.

With an enrollment of 9,000 students, J.F. Oberlin University is comprised of a University College of Cornerstone Education, four undergraduate colleges (Liberal Arts, Business Management, Health and Welfare, Performing and Visual Arts) and six graduate schools (International Studies, Language Education, Higher Educational Administration, Business Administration, Psychology and Gerontology). The College of Liberal Arts, at 4,000 students, enrolls almost half of the JFOU population, and subsumes a wide range of specialized undergraduate degree programs that are not too dissimilar to the offerings at Pacific.


Pacific students will study in JFOU’s Reconnaissance Japan program. The RJ Program offers six levels of intensive Japanese language courses, as well as content courses taught in English. For the Japanese Language Core Curriculum, students are placed in levels based primarily on the results of a placement test given during the orientation period. All core courses integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Classes last 1.5 hours and meet up to five times a week depending on the level. In addition to the core classes, Japanese language electives are offered which meet up to five days a week depending on the level. The RJ program also offers a wide range of four-credit classes that are taught in English with a focus on the social sciences and humanities.


Housing and Meals

Students will be able to opt for either a homestay or residence halls located a short shuttle-bus ride away from the main campus. Homestays, which are limited in number and thus not guaranteed, include two meals per day on weekdays and three on weekends.

Students opting for a residence hall are likely to be placed at the Fuchinobe International House, a new hall with 245 studio units which opened in 2010. The hall is conveniently located near JR Fuchinobe station, just a short ride by shuttle bus to the Machida Campus. All rooms are single occupancy, furnished, with Internet access, small private baths and kitchenettes. Students are responsible for their own meals and bedding.

Excursions and Social Activities

The Reconnaissance Japan program provides international students with a wide variety of opportunities to meet and interact with Japanese students. A popular way to meet Japanese students is to participate in the "buddy program," which was originally started by Japanese students interested in cultivating friendships with international students. This program pairs up international students with Japanese "buddies" who help students navigate life in Japan.

JFOU also provides students with the chance to go on off-campus excursions and cultural activities. One of the more popular excursions is the "international camp," which is held every spring at Lake Ashinoko. At this camp, Japanese and international students spend a weekend together in the mountains barbecuing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

International students are also encouraged to participate in clubs on campus. These clubs range from traditional cultural activities like flower arranging to more contemporary interests such as video art. Additionally, JFOU has athletic clubs, including Aikido, Judo, and Kendo, that students can take part in. 

Rikkyo University Program Information

Rikkyo University, founded in 1874, is a private, liberal arts university with its main campus in Ikebukuro, in the heart of Tokyo. It offers a wide range of undergraduate programs, and several graduate programs across 10 colleges (Arts, Intercultural Communication, Economics, Business, Science, Sociology, Law and Politics, Tourism, Community & Human Services, and Contemporary Psychology).  Rikkyo, which has an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 20,000, is considered one of Japan’s most prestigious private universities.

Academic Program 

Rikkyo’s Center for Japanese Language Education (CJLE) offers a 9-level Japanese language program. Typically, an exchange student studying abroad will combine CJLE coursework, with English-taught classes offered primarily through the College of Intercultural Communication, while also having access to English-taught classes offered through Rikkyo’s other colleges. One unique aspect of the Rikkyo Exchange Program is that the English-taught classes are part of the regular curriculum of the Japanese students, therefore enabling our students to have an integrated classroom experience. 

Housing and Meals

Rikkyo provides five high-quality housing options for students with prices ranging from $500-1000 monthly (which is excellent for central Tokyo). These options, which are located 5-30 minutes travel time from the main Ikebukuro campus, have varied inclusions, with housing fees in some cases including meals and utilities, and others not. Students should bear in mind that they will be bound to 6-month single-semester contracts, which may require payment for less days than they will need in order to complete academic requirements.  

Student Activities and Excursions

Rikkyo University has a wide range of clubs which international students are invited to join. Fairs are held at the beginning of each semester. Involvement with these clubs and circles can be an integral part of the immersion experience. The Rikkyo International Office also operates the Global Lounge (GL), which serves as the hub of exchange-related activities on campus. The GL organizes activities and excursions for international students throughout the year, which typically include a Japanese big-league baseball game, the Grand Sumo Tournament, and a Tokyo bus tour

(GPA req=3.00), meal and housing costs will be paid on-site


Minimum GPA : 3.0

Language : Must have completed level 102* of college Japanese.

*For students fulfilling the requirements of a language major or minor, or the International Studies major, the completion of 202 or equivalent in the appropriate language and a 3.0 GPA average in language classes are required prior to beginning the program. 

Must have attended Pacific University full-time for at least one semester.

Important Dates

  • Advising Appointment : During Fall Semester
  • Application Deadline : February 10

Program Dates :

J.F. Oberlin
  • Fall: mid-September to the end of January
  • Spring: mid-April to the beginning of August
  • Fall: September to February
  • Spring: April to July

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