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Two dental hygiene students, one male and one female, pose in the dental hygiene teaching space.
Curious about how long it takes to become a dental hygienist? See how a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene can open new doors in this exciting career.
A Pacific track and field athlete leads a pack of steeplechase racers at a competition.
The best college for student-athletes might not be what you think. Discover how Division III schools combine flexibility and support for careers after graduation.
The Spirit Bench on Pacific University's Forest Grove Campus is decorated to celebrate veterans.
Looking for high-paying careers for veterans that have great job security? Find the best degrees for veterans and make use of your GI Bill benefits.
A physical therapy instructor demonstrates a way to strengthen the foot and leg on a student.
OT vs PT? Discover the similarities and differences to help you choose between a career in physical therapy and a career in occupational therapy.
A pharmacy student dispenses chemicals into a pipet tray.
How long does it take to become a pharmacist? With Pacific's accelerated and extended pathways, you can get your PharmD at a pace that suits you.
A speech-language pathology student works with a young child in a pediatric clinical setting.
Turn your passion for healthcare into a career in speech therapy! Learn how to apply to, enroll in, and complete SLP programs so you can get certified.
An athletic training student in a clinic wraps the ankle of a young female patient.
Demand for certified athletic trainers at every level is on the rise. See what you need to start a rewarding and complex career in athletic training today.
An optometry student examines a patient's eye using a large medical camera.
Turn your optician license into a rewarding, fulfilling, and high-paying career in optometry using Pacific's bachelor's degree completion option.
A student in a classroom looks into the camera between taking notes during a class.
Fewer questions, new terms, and more aid are all in the new FAFSA! Get up to speed on the changes before the December opening.
Two social work students help an elderly man use a computer.
From undergraduate degree requirements to the time it takes to graduate, here's everything you need to get your MSW and become a social worker!