Financial Aid Staff

Ingrid Baker
Systems & Loan Administrator

Ingrid Baker is the systems & loan administrator for the Office of Financial Aid.

Lisa Christensen
Financial Aid Counselor, Graduate & Professional Students

Lisa Christensen is the Financial Aid counselor for graduate & professional students. 

Stacie Englund
Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Undergraduate Students

Stacie Englund is the assistant director of Financial Aid for undergraduate students. 

Stephanie Goerig
Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Compliance Coordinator, Graduate & Professional Students

Stephanie Goerig is the assistant director of Financial Aid and compliance coordinator for graduate & professional students. 

Jama Kelch
Financial Aid Counselor/Eligibility Coordinator, College of Education Students

Jama Kelch is the Financial Aid counselor and eligibility coordinator for the College of Education students. 

Debbie O'Dea
Financial Aid Director

Debbie O'Dea is the Director of Financial Aid.

Allison Rodriguez
Financial Aid Customer Service Specialist

Allison Rodriguez is the Financial Aid customer service specialist. 

Griffin Shaulis
Financial Aid Counselor & Outreach Coordinator, Undergraduate Students

Griffin Shaulis is the Financial Aid counselor & outreach coordinator for undergraduate students.