The Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship Award

The Hertz Foundation provides five years of funding for graduate study leading to the Ph.D. degree in engineering and applied sciences.

Programs Funded

The award covers tuition and expenses for graduate work in computer science, quantitative biology and bio-engineering, chemistry, earth sciences, materials science, at select programs (full list can be found on website).


College seniors and graduate students at the early stages of their program are eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria

The Hertz Foundation seeks to identify future leaders in science and engineering. To that end, in their selection process they emphasize exceptional intelligence and creativity and excellent technical education. Strong academic records and GRE scores along with evidence of original research is required (although a demonstrated record of accomplishment in your field can compensate for lower scores).

Application Process

Applicants must submit recommendation letters, transcripts, GRE, and online application.

More Information

Pacific Scholarship Coach

Professor Kevin Johnson
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