Rhodes Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarships are awarded to outstanding scholars with the demonstrated potential for significant public service. Rhodes Scholars are potential leaders in their disciplines and communities.

Programs Funded

Rhodes Scholarships fund two or three years of study at Oxford University in any discipline.


    • Applicants must be citizens of former British colonies (e.g. U.S, Canada, India, and Australia) or Germany
    • Applicants must be between 18 and 24 years old
    • Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree by the time the scholarship begins
    • Applicants must pursue a course of study available at Oxford University

    Selection Criteria

    Intellectual distinction is necessary but not sufficient for election to Rhodes Scholarships. The selection committee seeks excellence in “qualities of mind and qualities of person.” The Rhodes selection committee seeks applicants with integrity, courage, selflessness, the ability to lead, and a demonstration of the energy to use their talents to the fullest. Applicants must exhibit (via excellence in sports, for example) physical vigor and dedication to a life of service (via substantial contributions to community outside of school).

    Application Process

    Interested sophomore and junior students should contact the Fellowship Office or Pacific’s Rhodes Coach. Applications require University endorsement and must be made through the Fellowship Office. There is no limit on the number of applicants it may endorse. Applications are submitted early fall of the Senior year. Applications are reviewed by regional committees and selected candidates are invited to interview in late fall. Final awards of scholarships are contingent on admission to Oxford.

    Pacific Scholarship Coach

    Professor Aaron Greer 
    503-352-3125 | aaron@pacificu.edu