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I’ve decided that Pacific University is the place for me. 

What do I do to make this official?

Congratulations! We are excited you’ll be joining Boxer Nation in the Fall. Here is what you need to do:

  • Let us know! Follow the steps on the admitted student page. Your $400 enrollment deposit can be submitted via online, check, or credit card.
  • Read up on Registration: Our registration website will fill you in on what you need to do to get advised and registered for your first semester of classes.
  • Celebrate: You’re done choosing a college! You have great taste. Perhaps it's time to start jockeying for those graduation gifts!

Information on more topics

More questions? Contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-677-6712 or at

Registering For Classes

How do select the classes I will be taking during my first semester?

You’ll need to attend registration this summer to work with an academic advisor who will help you create your schedule. Be on the lookout for an email with more details and instructions for that day. 

What’s going to happen at registration?

Students will work with a Pacific faculty member to select and register for their Fall semester classes. Information will be provided on financial aid and billing, life on campusOrientation and Voyages, and anything else related to Pacific University. Residence halls will be open, and lunch will be provided.

Aside from on-campus registration, we also offer registration opportunities in Hawai’i and for transfer students. For more information, please visit New Student Advising & Registration.

What can I do to prepare for registration?

You can do a few things to make sure your registration and advising appointment runs smoothly:

  • Make sure your high school submits your final transcript to the Office of Admissions before July 1.
  • Taking AP or IB exams? Have your test score results sent to us before registration. If that’s not possible, don’t worry. You can adjust your schedule once those test scores are in and we’re able to evaluate the credits you will receive.
  • IMPORTANT: Have you earned college credit for coursework taken at your high school, at a college, or at a university? Make sure that all colleges or universities you have attended send final official transcripts as soon as possible (by July 1, for consideration in summer advising). The Registrar’s office will provide you with a Transfer Equivalency Report for each college attended, after processing your official transcripts..

I have a [insert activity] planned and can’t be at registration. Does this mean I can’t register for classes?

Contact the Advising Center and your admissions counselor to make alternate arrangements for fall registration.

Are you from Hawai’i or a transfer student? Your registration will be on a different date and time from our event on campus. Please read more about registration for details on those events.


What is Orientation? When is it?

Orientation is a required program that helps new students transition to life at Pacific. A variety of sessions make up the Orientation schedule including: First Year Seminar class, advisor meetings, guest speakers, tours, time to get to know your classmates, resources in the area, resident hall overview for those living on campus, etc. 

What is the difference between Orientation and registration?

Orientation is an event is that helps you get a better sense of what life as a student at Pacific University is like through social and educational activities. While registration may have some of that, your focus during the event is to register for your fall classes with the help of your academic advisor. 

Are parents invited to Orientation?

Yes, parents are invited and welcome to attend Orientation. Please read about Orientation for more information.

What are Voyages? When are they?

Pacific Voyages are pre-Orientation trips that bring together students of common interests for a small-group bonding and learning experience. Past trips include sea kayaking, rafting, urban outings, service projects, rock-climbing, etc. This year’s voyages will be held four or five days prior to the start of orientation, depending on the trip. Please read more about Voyages for details. 

Getting to Campus

Where can my family stay when they visit Forest Grove?

There are lots of hotel options in the Forest Grove area, as well as nearby Hillsboro and Beaverton. If you’re staying in Forest Grove, remember to mention that you are visiting Pacific University as many of these places offer discounts for visitors. The Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce is a great resource.

What kinds of transportation are available to and from campus? Does Pacific University provide transportation to and from the airport?

Many students rely on public transportation to get to and from the airport and other local areas. Check with your Pacific University Oregon Admission Counselor for specific information about transportation to and from the airport for your big move to campus.

Paying Tuition

When will I get my bill?

Your first billing statements will be in your registration packet. You will receive one paper statement at the beginning of each semester and then electronic statements will be sent each month after that.

What do I do when I get my bill?

Review it for accuracy. You might also want to decide which payment plan will work best for you.

What are my payment options?

We offer two payment plans:

  1. Semester pay option allows you to pay each semester in full before each semester begins.
  2. Monthly pay option allows you to pay each semester in four payments. There is $40 per semester fee for this option. The Business Office will have information for you on these plans in your packet at registration.

Can I pay tuition with a credit card?

Yes, we accept American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover for charges that are owed. There is a non-refundable service fee for credit card users.

How do I pay for my books?

Books must be purchased individually. The campus bookstore accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. If you’re relying on your Financial Aid award to purchase books, check with the Business Office to see what arrangements can be made. 

What kind of school supplies will I need for class?

Supplies will depend on specific classes.


What will my room look like?

Floor plans of each room vary between halls. As an incoming freshman, you will live in Clark, Walter, McCormick or Cascade halls. Feel free to check each building's webpage for floor plans of rooms per building. You can also take a 360° tour of buildings on campus including our residence halls! 

What furniture will be provided in my room?

Each room is equipped with a bed (twin extra-long), desk, chair, closet, and shelving per student resident. 

When can I move in to my hall?

You’ll move into your hall on the first day of Orientation. Check their website for specific dates. If you are going on a Voyage or are a fall athlete, your move in date will be a few days earlier. Don’t sweat — we’ll let you know exactly when you’ll move in.

What should I bring?

We’ve got a handy checklist for you to use as you start packing and shopping for your room. 

Can I mail a few boxes to campus before I move in August?

Absolutely! Address your boxes to:

Your Name
(New Student)
Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR 97116

More questions about housing and residence life at Pacific? Check out housing and residence life FAQs.


What meal plans are available? How do they work?

All meal plans are listed on the Dining website. The biggest difference between those meal plans is the money designated as Declining Balance which can be used to purchase convenience items at Starbucks and the Grove Market. Block meals refer to one meal — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What is the difference between Block Meals and Declining Balance?

Block meals are just as they sound — one meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) per block. When you purchase a block meal plan, you get a certain number of meals/plan. Declining Balance is used to buy items at Starbucks, the Grove Market, and off-campus at Pizza Schmizza.

How do I ​purchase a meal plan?

You can purchase your meal plan or Dining Dollars through the Student Life Office on the main level of the University Center. This option allows you to have the cost deferred to your student account.

What are the hours for the dining hall?

The Grove in the University Center is typically open during the following hours*:

Breakfast: 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Dinner: 5 to 7:30 p.m.

Weekend hours
Brunch from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Dinner from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Starbucks and The POD in the University Center are typically open during the following hours*:
Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. to midnight
Weekend hours: 9 a.m. to midnight

*Hours are subject to change. Check the Dining Services Website for up to date hours.

How can I deposit more money into my Declining Balance?

You can always add funds to your Declining Balance. The easiest way to do it is to use cash or check via mail or in person at the Dining Services office, located downstairs in the UC. You can sign up for alerts so you’ll know when your balance is running low.

What happens if I run out of block meals?

You can purchase more meals through the Dining Services Office.

More questions about eating on campus? Check out the Dining Services website.

How/When Do I ...

When will I know who my roommate is?

You’ll receive your roommate assignment following the completion of the housing application process. You can access that information through the housing software Residence. 

When will I get my tuition bill?

Your first billing statements will be in your registration packet. You will receive one paper statement at the beginning of each semester and then electronic statements will be sent each month after that. More information on billing can be found on our Business Office website.

How do I sign up for my Pacific email address and online student account?

After you’ve sent in all of your confirmation paperwork, log-in for the first time to get your PUNET ID.

How do I register for classes?

You’ll register for classes at registration after you’ve met with a faculty member to plan your schedule. If you’re making other arrangements for registration through the Advising Center, they will make sure you have the information you need.

I’m so excited to meet my classmates! How can I contact them before we meet in person at registration or Orientation?

Join our Facebook group to meet your fellow future Boxers. Don’t be shy —  write an introductory post in the Facebook group to start getting to know people!

When will I discover the many jobs and work study opportunities that are available to Boxers?

Our Fall Work & Service Fair on Thursday, August 30th will be a must if you’ll be seeking a Work-Study or non-Work-Study part-time job. It will also showcase community service and internship opportunities.

Technology: University Information Services (UIS)

What kind of computer do I bring?

A laptop computer is highly recommended. Pacific University is both Mac and PC friendly.

Can I print my papers and assignments on campus?

Yes, you can! Each student is given $60/year at the start of school in August ($30/semester) of free printing on university networked printers. What does that mean?

  • The cost per side per sheet is $0.05 for black and white copies and $0.25 for color copies.  
  • With this allowance, you can print 1,200 one-sided black and white copies or 240 one-sided color copies per year. This translates to 600 black and white or 120 color prints per semester.
  • If you print more than $30 worth per semester, your student account will be billed for excess amount. If you do not use your full $30/semester worth of printing, your balance will be carried over through the end of the academic year in May.
  • Your printing balance will be displayed on the printing/copying station or on your student account.
  • Networked printers can be found in the Library, Berglund, Marsh, Price, Jefferson, and Scott Halls. The Technology Help Desk can help you configure your laptop for network printing.
  • If you decide you want to bring your own printer to campus, an inkjet printer will also work well.

Where can I access WiFi on campus?

Every residence hall room has a wired Ethernet plugin and access to Pacific University wireless. In addition, wireless internet access is available in each building on campus as well as some outdoor areas. University Information Services can help you configure your laptop for wireless access.

Is there technology help available?

The Technology Help Desk is a great resource for tech assistance. 

What is a...?

Common terms at Pacific (in alphabetical order)     

Block Meals: One full meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) on meal plans. It is "all you care to eat" during that specific meal time. 

Boxer Alerts: Text message alert system. If bad weather or other safety issues happen on or around campus, Boxer Alerts will send you a text and email with that information.

Boxer Online: Students can use this to view financial information, register for classes, search for classes, view their grades and academic history among many other things. Access it here.

CPS (Campus Public Safety): CPS patrols campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call them when you need someone to walk you from any point on campus back to your residence hall. Everyone receives the contact phone number for CPS during orientation. For the Forest Grove Campus CPS can be reached at 503-352-2230. 

DB (Declining Balance): Used in POD and in the dining hall to buy snacks, drinks, or a la carte items such as freshly made sushi.

FYS (First Year Seminar): A required class which introduces incoming students to college academic life and the skills needed for success in that life. It is a humanities-based course in its content, intended to engage students in the task of personal and cultural critique, and designed to provide a common learning experience for the entire first-year class.

PIC (Pacific Information Center): PIC sells discounted bus tickets, movie tickets, and other student rates. The PIC is also where you buy parking permits, pick up work study paychecks, etc. They are located in Clark Hall.

PUNet ID (Pacific University Network ID): This is your username and password for your Pacific email account. You’ll also use this to access grades, register for classes and pay tuition. Once activated, it is the primary way university offices will communicate with you.

RHA (Residence Hall Association) and Hall Government: RHA serves as student government for the residence halls. Students who are involved plan events throughout the year and discuss issues related to living on campus via smaller Hall Governments.

SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee): Student athletes volunteer their time around campus to raise money for charities and put on fundraisers. They also provide a support network for our athletes on campus.

The Grove: A nickname for Forest Grove, as well as the name for the dining hall at Pacific University at the University Center. Their weekday and weekend hours vary. For food service outside of those hours, check out the Starbucks or The Grove Market.

The Grove Market: small convenience store located in the University Center that sells snacks, drinks, sandwiches and simple house hold products. Students may use their declining balance, cash, or credit/debit card to purchase these items. 

Technology Helpdesk: The Technology Helpdesk is located on the lower level of Marsh Hall. Go there to get your laptop fixed and get advice on other tech related things.

Transfer Equivalency Report: A listing of courses that have transferred in from colleges and universities other than Pacific. This includes courses done through high school-based programs such as Running Start.

UC (University Center/Washburne Hall): University Center is located in the middle of campus and is considered the hub of life at Pacific University. It is the location of many important things such as The Grove dining area, The Grove Market, Starbucks, UC Lounge, and the mail room.

UC Lounge: A couch and chair-filled gathering space in the University Center students use for events, studying, and socializing.

Weekly Update: Weekly email newsletter that lets you know about events on and off campus.

Work Study Jobs: Positions available on and off-campus for students who qualify through their financial aid award. Students access these jobs through the Career Development Center.

More questions? Get in contact with your admissions counselor and we’ll get them answered.

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