Frequently Asked Questions for New Students

When will I get my housing and roommate assignment?

Housing assignments will be mailed to you by the end of July.  Please be patient, let us know if you have any questions!

What happens if my roommate and I don’t work out?

The Housing and Residence Life staff have years of experience in assisting students when difficulties arise between roommates and will help students in a variety of ways, including facilitated mediation.  If the issues cannot be resolved it is possible to change the living situation (see your Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator about how to do this). Many students find that even though they have little in common with their assigned roommate, it can be a good life experience in learning to accept differences.

What is the drug and alcohol policy?

Students under the age of 21 may neither possess nor consume alcohol.  Additionally, underage students are prohibited from being in a space where alcohol is present. Pacific University is also recently a smoke-free campus, which includes both tobacco and marijuana.  For a more detailed description of this policy and others, please refer to the residence hall handbook.

What if I don’t like the food?

Dining Services strives to provide enjoyable meals and plenty of options, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free.  They are open to hearing student feedback and making adjustments if possible.

What happens if I forget my BoxerCard in my room and can’t get back into the building? Or what if I get locked out of my room?

You can call CPS who will send an officer to let you into the building between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.  During daytime hours, call the RA on duty. Be aware that they will start charging you after you have been locked out three times.  Never assume that your roommate will leave your room unlocked-always bring your keys and Boxer Card with you and remember that it’s always a good practice to lock your door.

What happens if I’m late to class?

This depends on the professor. Some professors don’t mention it. Others will take points off your grade, and some will tell you not to come at all if you’re going to be late. Either way, being late is disrespectful to your professor and classmates and should be avoided.

When do I have to declare my major?

Pacific students are not required to officially declare their major until the end of their second year. If you’re not sure yet, you still have time! You can still change your major even after you declare.

How safe is campus?

Most students report that they feel very safe on campus.  CPS is a strong presence and they will respond to any situation to help you, whether you need an escort or see suspicious behavior.

Are there academic advising, health, career, or counseling services available to students?

Yes. Each student receives a faculty advisor when they arrive to campus, as well as a designated Career Counselor. Our campus also offers free Counseling Services and a Student Health Center, located near all of our residence halls, giving students easy access to any services they may need during their time at Pacific.

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