Families & Support Systems | Orientation

Welcome to the Boxer Family.

You have been an integral part of assisting your incoming student(s) as they have navigated their way to becoming a Boxer. Whether it is your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, spouse, or friend, sending them off to college is a big transition for all of you. Our goal in Orientation is to assist you through the beginning stages of this transition. 

Orientation 2022

We are excited to welcome you to Pacific as part of your students' support during their academic career. Family Orientation will be provided in 2 ways this year. In person and online through the parent/family moodle course in efforts to make Orientation more inclusive, especially for those families who are not able to travel with their student. Family members are not required to attend any of the Orientation experiences but is an additional opportunity to ask questions and find out more information.

Parent/Family & Support Systems Orientation will be August 25 & 26.  More information with details available late June.

If your student will be arriving early for athletics, voyages, etc....  We will be providing a mini-version of the August 25 & 26 Orientations for you to attend on that day. You are welcome to attend on August 25 and 26th as well. 

All information for parent/family orientation will be available the first week of September online through the moodle course.