Boxer Love Stories

Hundreds of alumni and friends have found or nurtured a lifelong love at Pacific University. Read more about the couples and their Boxer love stories.

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Boxer Love Story: Rich Ryan '78, OD '79 & Marcia Pogue '79

The night that Marsh Hall burned, another spark struck at Pacific University.

Boxer Love Story: Luke Cleaver '97 and Tracy (Cowan) Cleaver '95

It was April 29, 1994. During their 8 a.m health class, Tracy with her usual blue ball cap pulled down over her sleepy eyes, was talking about going water skiing that afternoon with mutual friends, mostly fellow wrestlers. 

Boxer Love Story: Ryan Beck '14 and Mellissa (Wilson) Beck '15

Ryan Beck ‘14 and Mellissa (Wilson) Beck ‘15 are none other than high school sweethearts.

Boxer Love Story: Max Price '11, MAT '12 and Brandi (Palmer) Price '12

A lot of people talk about fate when they talk about love.

Boxer Love Story: PJ Griess '09 and Lea (Schaffer) Griess '11

PJ and Lea officially met in the spring of 2008 at a Boxer Ambassador retreat.

Boxer Love Story: Alyssa (Wollam) Baker '00 and Jeremiah Baker '01

Alyssa and Jeremiah met during her senior year and his junior year.

Boxer Love Story: Barbara (Scanland) Fiscalini '63 and Gene Fiscalini '63

Barbara was a shy PK (preacher's kid) from the big city of Los Angeles.