Class Notes

Let your classmates and friends know what's up with a submission to the class notes section of Pacific magazine. These items are published in the print issue of Pacific magazine and online to highlight the news and accomplishments of members of the Pacific family.



Kennedy Antoniuk '16, OD '19 authored an optometry article about children's eye exams. 
Amanda Olson '05 was featured in a physical therapy podcast about home pelvic therapy devices. 
Liandra Jung '20 was a recipient of the 2019 Practice Excellence Scholarship for optometry. 
Christopher Casey PA '02 was spotlighted by Physician Assistants for Global Health. 
In Memoriam: Karen Jaggar PT '83
Todd Hamilton MAT '95 was featured in a podcast about Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's new education bill. 
LeAnna Nash '09 and Frankie Guros '09 get married after 10 years together. 
Jennifer Spiering '22 signed volunteers and community members into a local shelter for a dry run.
Josh Oppenheim '19 started a new job at Prism Health.
Claire Foster '12 was featured in a podcast about gender identity and living life true to yourself.