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A Tragic Collision of Cultures | Pacific appraises it's role in the Forest Grove Indian Training School

Good Times at Handball U | Combined team wins national title... again.

The Cost and Value of College | And when does a degree pay off?


Spring 2019 | Vol. 52 No. 1
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Archive photos and letters from the Indian Training School

Back in the late 19th century, when Pacific University was an outpost of higher education in the Pacific Northwest, the school took part in an ignoble American experiment. With Pacific’s support, the Forest Grove Indian Training School brought Native American children to a nearby campus, where they were forced to abandon tribal culture in favor of learning the skills and religion of the dominant white society. Some didn't survive the transition.

Drawng of a man on a tightrope

Families of college-age students know very well that a college degree is a big-ticket expense, but they regard it as an important investment in a young person’s future. Pacific University is well aware of this tension and works hard to keep college as affordable as possible.

Handball Team playing in a match.

Here’s something that’s not well known, even among many in the Pacific University community: The Boxers are a force in the world of college handball. The club team, which consists of many athletes who had never played the sport before college, again won the national combined title in 2019, beating teams from such schools as the University of Texas and the University of Illinois.