Learning Outcomes | Applied Science

After Pacific | With a customized applied science major, students prepare for a variety of career paths, including working in environmental or health sciences, or toward careers with high-tech or bio-tech research companies.

Student Learning Outcomes

A student completing a major in Applied Science shall demonstrate the ability to:

  • Demonstrated competency with fundamental quantitative methods and tools
  • Demonstrated foundational proficiency in using computer technology
  • Have intermediate knowledge and application experience in at least two areas of the Natural Sciences
  • Be able to communicate scientific ideas in both written and oral formats.

Program Purpose

The Applied Science major leads to a well-rounded, cross-disciplinary degree in science, well-suited for students seeking technical employment in areas where a cross-disciplinary background in science is desirable. The major also offers good preparation for students entering certain health related fields. Applied Science may be appropriate for students interested in teaching Middle School or High School science with an Integrated Science endorsement; interested students should consult with the College of Education about additional requirements.