Outcomes | Arts Administration & Advocacy

After Pacific | Students who complete a minor in Arts Administration & Advocacy will be prepared to work as administrators, managers, marketers, production staff, and development personnel in both commercial and non-profit companies, and to pursue personally and economically sustainable careers in the arts, ultimately creating opportunities for others as well.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to communicate effectively through various media, including writing for internal and external audiences; grant writing and communication with donors; audience development; and advocacy for the arts.

Students will be able to describe a variety of organizational models, articulating how commercial and non-profit companies work; describing distinct missions and models in relation to decision-making, boards and management structure; explaining when, how, and why an organization would apply for 501(c)(3) status; demonstrating tools for assessment and mapping; describing search and hiring protocols; and promoting values of equity and inclusion.

Students will demonstrate understanding of development and fundraising, including familiarity with the funding landscape, both regionally and nationally; types of giving; innovation in fundraising; and donor relations.

Students will demonstrate practical abilities in promotion and advocacy, including branding; advertising of specific projects and shows; communicating the value of the arts in evidence-based terms; outreach, community relations, and education; pitches; assessment; and audience development.

Students will be able to apply basic tools from finance, including budgeting, budget management and reporting, and basic accounting, in the context of arts organizations and communities.

Students will demonstrate strengths in collaboration including managing deadlines across collaborative projects, performing reliably, prioritizing varied and shifting demands, and navigating complex work environments.