Jack Cuevas '20 | Senior Capstone Exhibition

Jack Cuevas '20 is a featured artist in the 2020 Senior Capstone Exhibition, a virtual gallery showing that represents the culmination of four years of undergraduate work that ends in a yearlong art project created by each member of the Art Department senior class.

Statement from the Artist

I seek to captivate the viewer with my work; to provide a moment of interest and wonder in its intricacies and creation. Through ceramics, I have developed a fascination with the balance between form and texture that manifests in aesthetically fueled vessels and paintings.

My process is very important to the physical work as a whole but also very important to me as a maker. Each piece that I create is a learning process with the material, shape, and ideas. Every piece I make allows me to feel out my ideas into well thought-out concepts. Through practice, failure, and repetition, I start to understand the form. Many forms never become finalized works but the understanding that I gained in the process is an important part of my work.

Important inspiration comes from ceramic vessels made hundreds of years ago and pieces from the makers of current time. East Asian ceramics history influences my work through the use of form and glazing technique. I was drawn to the large, bulbous shapes and rough textures, and these qualities made their way into my work. More current artists have caught my attention with surface quality and their sculptural appeal.

"Through ceramics, I have developed a fascination with the balance between form and texture...."
—Jack Cuevas '20

This body of work showcases my technical ability, cultural and historic interest, and the dedication I have to my craft. Working large scale, I have learned to demonstrate my skill including manipulation of the clay after the initial throwing on the wheel. Working in all different glazes, clays, and sizes, I hope to bring interest to a seemingly simple art form.

—Jack Cuevas '20