Joyce Gabriel | 2020 Art Instructor Show

Joyce Gabriel is a featured artist in The Art Instructor Show, a virtual gallery featuring artwork created by Pacific’s talented art & design faculty.

Keen on artmaking, drawing and painting since childhood, my current works are focused on letterpress printing ... a form of relief printing. I use vintage presses —the Golding Pearl #3 standing treadle press and Kelsey and Craftsman tabletop presses —dating from the 1890s to 1950s. Using handset metal type with vintage designs and my own illustrations, printing is accomplished by setting the type and designs into a print-ready form, inking the press with a single color and feeding one sheet of paper at a time. Each piece is handled multiple times to complete.

My day job, since 2000, is in Marketing & Communications at Pacific and I taught the January Term 2020 Basics of Letterpress Printing art class. The vintage presses and student works are on display in the Tran Library’s Boxer Makerspace, Forest Grove Campus.

Artist Statement, Joyce Gabriel

Joyce Gabriel "Out of the Blue""Goodness""Keep in Touch""Oh, Butterfly" (set)"One Bird" Joyce Gabriel float-right 400