ALL ACCESS | Hugh B. Alexander

Hugh B. Alexander creates images that invite the viewer to an all access or track-side experience. In the images seen at Pacific University’s Virtual Exhibition, alumnus Hugh Alexander '79 uses traditional drawing materials of technical pens on watercolor paper. Each image begins as a rough drawing on tracing paper which may go through several stages of refinement.

Once he is satisfied with the design, composition and details of a graphite drawing, he will lay clear Mylar drafting film over the drawing and duplicate it in India ink. All the values, textures and details are incorporated into the drawing. Clean up and corrections are done with white opaque watercolor over the ink.

A final high-resolution photograph or digital scan is made of the image and then printed on watercolor paper at a desired size. Color may be added as needed. Each image varies in complexity, so creative time may be 5-25 hours of work per image.

Hugh’s images have been seen worldwide through Road & Track, Off Road, Grand Prix International, Ferrari Rosa and other automotive publications. He also produces commissioned images for private clients. More of his artwork may be seen on his website, as well as Instagram, LinkedIn and Behance.




"Arrows Orange" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Arrows Orange" 



"Brabham" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Brabham"



"Buzzing Hornets" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Buzzing Hornets"



"Checkered Flag Finish" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Checkered Flag Finish" 



"Hamilton" (Front View) Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Hamilton" (Front View)



"Jaguar XJR-14" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Jaguar XJR-14"



"Lewis Hamilton" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Lewis Hamilton"



"Louis the King" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Louis The King"



"Mansell" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Mansell" (Top View)



"Mark Webber Red Bull" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Mark Webber Red Bull"



"Marlboro RBM" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Marlboro BRM"



"Marlboro Honda Senna" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Marlboro Honda Senna"



"Matra MS10" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Matra MS10"



"Parmalat Snake" Drawing by Hugh Barkalow Alexander"Parmalat Snake" 


Artist Biography

As an international race photographer for automotive magazines, Hugh Alexander understands how to capture moments of the need for speed – a true passion for the speed, the power, and the design of automobiles.

As a career illustrator/artist specializing in automotive imagery, Alexander’s favorite subjects have included Formula One (F1) international auto racing and the World Endurance Challenge (WEC) racing series. His images are precisely created in pen and ink media or acrylic and gouache paints. 

From a very early age, he drew everything that was in front of him - landscapes, people and all forms of transportation. Hugh earned degrees of drawing and painting from Pacific University, BA, Art Center College of Design, BFA, and the University of Northern Colorado, MA. At Pacific University, Hugh studied with Jan Shield whom he credits with opening his eyes to new media and international art.

Hugh Alexander, a commercial illustrator since 1984 and a professor of illustration for more than 24 years, delights in sharing his love of art. He continues to celebrate the careers of his students and peers. He was elected in 1989 to the Society of Illustrators of New York.

In his images, Hugh’s goal is to render tight details of the cars and then combine a sense of motion to the scene through abstract shapes and patterns. Compositions may include a single car or a scene that describes a specific moment in history.

Hugh B. Alexander shares his work on Behance, LinkedIn and Instagram.

For further information, visit his website at or contact him at