Admissions Overview | Audiology

Pacific University's School of Audiology is deeply committed to admitting students with a strong academic profile who are prepared to be successful in our accelerated (three-year) Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree program. 

Important Factors:  Many factors are considered as part of the admission requirements. The prerequisite and recommended coursework lays a solid foundation for doctoral-level study in audiology. Equally important is a strong command of the English language, evidenced in an applicant’s writing samples. GPA and references are also important factors, as are intangible characteristics, such as unique backgrounds, motivation, and commitment. We do not require the GRE for admission. GRE scores reported on the CSDAS application are not used in the evaluation of the application.

All Majors Considered:  Applicants from all majors — from biology to business, communication disorders to psychology, English to engineering — will be considered for admission, but each applicant must demonstrate an understanding of, and compelling interest in, the profession of audiology. We strongly recommend an introduction to audiology course, along with clinical observations and informational interviews with practicing audiologists, to help explore the profession.

On-Campus Interview:  After a holistic review of these and other admission requirements, selected applicants will be invited to an on-campus interview as an opportunity to further demonstrate their qualifications.

Application:  If you are ready for the challenges and rewards of AuD study at Pacific University, we invite you to submit your application!

Class Size: We accept a class size of 27 students.