Student Ambassadors | Audiology

Our Ambassadors assist with all on-campus prospective student events hosted by the School of Audiology. In addition to SOA events, they also work very closely with the Admissions office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students.

If you would like to speak with a current student about their experience applying to or choosing Pacific University's School of Audiology, you are encouraged to email one of our student ambassadors. They will be happy to help you!

Class of 2022

Year 1 Student Ambassador Information Coming Soon!


Class of 2021

Nicole Castro 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | San Francisco State University; BA in Communicative Disorders Minor in Special Education

Why did you choose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because I felt it offered a positive learning environment for my needs. Previous Student Ambassadors were so open about the exciting and challenging times ahead, and I felt the support from faculty, staff, and peers were an important aspect in this program. Also, Pacific has a 2-week block schedule. I am a hands-on learner and so I was very intrigued to learn that Pacific has a simulation lab where we can practice our skills that follow along with the material in lecture.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Pacific is an accelerated 3-year program and as daunting as that can be faculty, staff, and peers are incredibly supportive at helping their students succeed. They will set time aside their busy schedule and are more than happy to help you understand the material. They understand that as students we will make mistakes and it’s their goal to help us feel confident on the material and skills, so we do not make the same mistakes with our future patients. The School of Audiology community at Pacific is very encouraging and wants its students to enjoy learning while balancing some self-love.

Ashley Chun


Undergraduate Institution | University of Nevada, Reno; Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies

Why did you choose Pacific | From my very first impression during interviews at Pacific, I knew it was different than any other graduate programs I looked at. The professors were clearly so passionate about audiology, but most importantly they were really advocating for the students’ success. It was obvious that they were going to shape and mold me to the audiologist that I would hope to be in the future. Another important aspect was the 3 year accelerated program that only so many graduate schools offer. The speed of the program and constant hands-on experience through the simulation lab makes Pacific University unlike any other.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Being in a 3 year accelerated program, I was terrified if I was going to be able to keep up. However, the professors have been engaging in making sure they are constantly present with guidance and support. But most importantly, Pacific University has truly given me a home away from home. From the professors and my fellow cohort, I have been given a community that will always push me to be the best and will be there to support me in my future path into audiology. 

Randi Cook 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Western Oregon University; BA American Sign Language

Hometown | Woodland, California

Why did you chose Pacific | When it came to the decision of choosing Pacific University for my graduate school, there were two significant factors that played a huge role. The first being that I felt that my success and happiness were the highest priorities for the faculty. Often, during undergrad, I felt isolated and left alone when it came to my progression and success. It is completely different here at Pacific! I truly feel that the people around me go above and beyond to ensure that I feel supported. The second factor was the acceleration of this program. The fast pace of this three-year program fits my life style and drive. Therefore, this program matches my speed and gives me the opportunity to start my externship a year earlier than most programs.

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | There are so many things I like about being a student at Pacific University but if I would have to chose one thing, it would be the feeling of community I get by being here. I felt automatically accepted and immersed into the program and school right away! When choosing a graduate program, you have to be confident that it will be an environment where you will thrive.

Danielle Jenkins 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of Central Florida; B.S. Communication Science and Disorders 

Hometown | Tampa, Florida 

Why did you chose Pacific | What originally drew me to Pacific was the accelerated aspect of the program. I knew Pacific was my new home away from home the moment interview day began. The staff and current students warmly welcomed us and answered any questions we had. The SimLab was impressive and is currently providing the perfect environment to start my journey as an audiologist to be. Being from Florida, I knew it was a huge leap for me but there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice.  

What do I like about being a student at Pacific | What I love about Pacific is how much the staff is approachable and wants you to succeed. The staff goes above and beyond when it comes to their teaching methods to ensure the students understand the material. Pacific sets students up for success not only in the classroom but also in the clinic. I have already been exposed to pediatric screenings at local elementary schools and the Pacific Ear Clinic. Through Pacific, I had the opportunity to volunteer at OAA this year where I was educated on current audiology debates and was exposed to the latest technology manufacturers had to offer. The program is fast paced and is challenging at times; however, my fellow peers and professors are always there to support, encourage and help throughout the program. 

Grace Paddock 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of Mississippi Bachelor of Science Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Why did you choose Pacific | I was first drawn to Pacific University because of the accelerated aspect and the unique block schedule. When I came to campus and received my first tour I was blown away by everything Pacific has to offer. The simulation lab is always open and gives students a place to practice and perfect their skills, the classrooms, labs, and clinic are all located in one building so there is no running from one side of campus to the other, and there is always a friendly face around the corner. Being so far from home I wanted to attend a university that made me feel like I was a part of the family and I found that at Pacific!

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | Pacific University is truly a special place. The professors are on your side and want you to succeed. They are approachable and go out of their way to get to know you. The larger cohort also gives you the ability to make a ton of friends right from the start. This makes studying and being in the classroom all day so much more enjoyable. We also get to start hands on learning right from the beginning. We are in the simulation lab, clinic, and local school districts to conduct hearing screenings starting the first month of the program to begin to apply our knowledge. These are just a few of the reason why I enjoy being a student at Pacific University!

Theresa Ravago 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of California, Merced; Molecular and Cell Biological Sciences, BS

Hometown | Stockton, CA

Why You Chose Pacific University | Determining where to build the foundation for your professional career is such an important decision. What stood out most to me about Pacific University was the genuine care for the success of each and every student. The faculty and staff assured me that my strengths are valued here at Pacific and my weaknesses are just as important in my growth as an individual. Knowing I would be in a safe and supportive environment to make mistakes and relentlessly encouraged to improve and refine my knowledge and skills, was one of the many reasons why I chose Pacific University. 

What Do You Like About Being a Student at Pacific | The innovative block system has been such a great match to my learning style. The classes build on one another and continuously reinforce the knowledge we’ve acquired. The early hands on experience has also helped in solidifying what we learned in the classroom and making it clinically applicable early on. The resources we have in our program are immense— from the simulation pods, teaching laboratories, and great accessibility to our preceptors. Here at Pacific, we truly are supported by all faculty and staff members because they genuinely want you to succeed and reach your potential as a student clinician and future audiologist. 

Satara Setzer

Second Year |

Undergraduate | University of Nevada, Reno; Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology

Hometown | Chandler, Arizona 

Why you chose Pacific | The biggest thing that appealed to me was the access we have to the simulation lab. At other schools you have to share access to a small number of facilities, but at Pacific you have access to all the testing equipment in the lab and the clinic, which gives us limitless opportunities to hone our skills for the praxis and our placements. As someone who is a really hands on learner, this is an invaluable opportunity for me to become comfortable and get acquainted with everything. 

What you like about being a student at Pacific | Because your time is so short in the accelerated program, everyone becomes incredibly close early on. There is really no time for formality, you are immediately surrounded by people who understand what you are going through and who want to help you succeed! This is true for both professors and for your fellow classmates, everyone knows everyone and the support is immense. 

Zoha Sohel 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of British Columbia; Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology

Hometown | Vancouver, BC

Why did you chose Pacific | I chose this program because it is well-rounded in terms of both academics and clinical experience. The block module system is very effective because it allows for a deeper understanding of concepts. Also, the clinical practicum starts within the first month of the program, which is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience very early on in the program. 

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | My favorite part about the program is the professors because they are very supportive and approachable. They are wiling to go above and beyond to make sure that every student is comfortable with the learning materials and are always available to answer any questions. 

Breanne Torio 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | San Francisco State University; B.A. in Communicative Disorders, Minor in Special Education

Hometown | Daly City, California

Why did you choose Pacific | As someone who grew up in the Bay Area, I felt as if I would be limited in terms of personal growth if I were to pursue a higher level of education over there. In addition to this, the number of Audiology programs in California is scarce and I was also ready to leave the comfort of my home. So, once I received an email about an upcoming interview at Pacific University, I immediately looked up flights from California to Oregon. That decision turned into a life-changing experience because I could see myself being a student here right away. I loved the idea of challenging myself with the 2-week block schedule, enhancing new skills in the clinic, or perfecting techniques with our lab groups. I also appreciated the manner in which professors also acknowledged their students as colleagues and vice versa. Let’s go Boxers!!! :)

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | There are so many things to choose from! The supportive faculty members and my fellow classmates are definitely a plus because everyone does their best to help anyone who may struggle on a particular concept. I also enjoy the variety of hands-on experiences that we participated in the unique facilities that the program has to offer, which includes the Teaching Lab, Simulation Lab, and the Pacific EarClinic. Outside of the classroom, there are quite a few food options or coffee shops to choose from in case any students need a break.

Tiffany Tran 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of California, Riverside; BA Linguistics

Hometown | Garden Grove, California

Why did you choose Pacific | Pacific University offers many valuable opportunities for early hands-on learning experience as well as technologically advanced tools to enhance your educational progress. There were so many positives about Pacific University such as the EarClinic, the SIMlab, and the condensed yet concise 3-year block system schedule. Another plus point for out of state students is no tax in Oregon!

What do you like about being a student at Pacific | I feel very privileged as a student here at Pacific University due to the early hands-on opportunities with the equipment, as well as the attentive and encouraging professors who truly desire for the students to succeed. The overall Pacific AuD community treats their students like family and that really helped me to find my comfort zone so far away from home.

Madison Turner-Cole 

Second Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Western Washington University; B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hometown | Arlington, WA

Why I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific University because of the block system schedule. This correlates with my learning style, and I knew it would help me succeed in graduate school. Another reason I chose Pacific was the wonderful faculty. From the second I set foot on campus, I felt very welcomed. It was very apparent how much they wanted to see their students succeed and would go the extra mile to make sure that happened.

What I like about being a student at Pacific | My favorite part about being a student at Pacific is the wonderful individuals I get to surround myself with daily. You couldn’t ask for better faculty who are there to help during every step of the process and provide so much encouragement to their students. Additionally, this includes my peer group, who even in a short time, I have grown close to and rely so heavily on for support. The community is truly what sets Pacific University’s School of Audiology apart from other programs.

Class of 2020

Janie Thompson

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Appalachian Sate University; BS Communication Science and Disorders

Hometown | Wilson, North Carolina

Why you chose Pacific University | The three year accelerated program is what drew me into Pacific University originally. As I learned more about the teaching lab, I became even more intrigued. The teaching lab has an endless supply of equipment available to students, which helps a tremendous amount with hands on experience. 

What you like about being a student at Pacific | The block system has optimized my learning. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined since August. Another reason I like being in this program is the supportive faculty. They are always willing to help, and make sure I am getting the best education possible. 

Ariel Garraway

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of South Florida

Hometown | Nassau, The Bahamas

Why you chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific University because I truly felt that the faculty and staff cared about my best interest in regards to learning, specifically having a well-rounded academic experience. I really connected with Pacific on interview day and felt that the university aligned with my professional and personal goals. The 3-year accelerated program and block system were exactly what I was looking for.

What you like about being a student at Pacific | Being a student at Pacific is a very rewarding experience. I find the module schedule helps to keep me more engaged and focused. As an international student, I found moving to Oregon an easy transition as there is so much to do and everyone in the area is very friendly and helpful. I also value the access to faculty and staff, and feel that they go above and beyond in order to cater to our academic needs throughout the program.

Allie Sims

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Pacific University

Hometown | Puyallup, WA

Why you chose Pacific University | I chose this program because of the two week block curriculum and accelerated three year program. Also, I attended Pacific University for my undergraduate degree and had constant support and guidance from faculty, both on the Forest Grove and Hillsboro campuses, during the entire process. 

What you like about being a student at Pacific | My favorite thing about being a student in Pacific's AuD program is the block modules, which fit my personality very well. I love the fast pace and the challenge of the block schedule. I also like that we have received hands on clinical experience so early in our schooling - I have learned so much in such a short period of time. There really are so many opportunities due to the nature of this program and its professors. 

Traci Bray

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Portland State University

Hometown | Beaverton/Portland, OR

Why you chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific for a variety of reasons because it truly was unlike any other School I applied to. The accelerated program and block curriculum played a huge part in my decision. Additionally, the fact that being in the classroom (while an important part of learning) is really only during the first year. In conjunction with clinical practice and the simulation lab, I knew I would be successful in the internships, externship, and my professional career. I also liked the size of the cohort - I knew it would provide a wide array of experiences and perspectives. Pacific University's mission to serve the community was also another deciding factor.

What you like about being a student at Pacific | The reasons I originally chose Pacific are truly what I now like about being a student at Pacific. Additionally, I have since discovered how much the faculty want to see you succeed, and how they are always offering support and guidance. They always want to know what's working for you and what you need help with. There is always an open line of communication between the students and staff. Another thing I like about being a student at Pacific is the access we have to the second year students. It is so helpful to hear about their experiences as first year students, and what we need to prepare for as well as look forward to in our second year internships. Finally, I like the 2-week modules. By having one class for two weeks, instead of several classes simultaneously over the semester, I feel like I am able to better focus my time and energy on really learning the subject matter thoroughly. 

Nikki Burgis

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | California State University-Sacramento; BAS in Audiology

Hometown | Antelope, California

Why you chose Pacific University | When I first visited Pacific to receive a tour of the campus and again on interview day, I fell in love with the people that filled the classrooms and offices. Pacific has such a warm and welcoming environment - an energy that makes you feel at home. I feel it is so important to be in an encouraging and challenging environment as we are pushed out of our comfort zones to insure we become the best clinicians we can be. I also chose Pacific because of their onsite clinic, block system, accelerated three year structure, approachable professors and how quickly we get hands on experience. 

What you like about being a student at Pacific | The best part of Pacific would have to be our professors. They are always so encouraging and willing to bend over backwards to insure we are grasping concepts and retaining information that directly impacts us as future clinicians. Another unique aspect of our program is the size of our cohort. It is a bigger cohort than most AuD programs, which is a great benefit. It allows for more of a well-rounded group of individuals. We, as colleagues, can contract each other for advice later in our careers. 

Monica Guerrero Lara

Third Year |

Undergraduate Institution | California State University - Sacramento

Hometown | Lodi, CA

Why you chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific because I noticed great core values in the program. From the application process to my first year, these core values have remained intact. The faculty, the staff and the second-year students were very welcoming, supportive, and friendly. After attending the interview day, I knew I wanted to study here. I believe that they truly care about our learning and our experiences, while also contributing to the community. Another appealing aspect was the accelerated 3-year curriculum. The block schedule is designed in a way that allows us to concentrate on one class every two weeks, while simultaneously graining hands-on experience in our lab. I knew this would fit perfectly with my learning style, and I feel very thankful to be apart of this unique and amazing program. 

What you like about being a student at Pacific | I love being a student here, the friendly atmosphere and learning environment always makes everyone feel welcome. Professors take their time to answer questions both during and after class. It is clear their goal is to help us succeed. They are passionate about our field and they want us to be prepared in all areas. The structure of the program is really fascinating. The block schedule, labs, clinic, and seminar really build the background knowledge and skills that we need as we get immersed into more advanced material and learning scenarios. I really like how my class cohort reaches out to one another to support one another in both our studies and other aspects of our lives.