Student Ambassadors | Audiology

Our Ambassadors assist with all on-campus prospective student events hosted by the School of Audiology. In addition to SOA events, they also work very closely with the Admissions office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students.

If you would like to speak with a current student about their experience applying to or choosing Pacific University's School of Audiology, you are encouraged to email one of our student ambassadors. They will be happy to help you!

Class of 2019

Shina Chung

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Pacific University

Hometown | Hilo, HI

Why I chose Pacific University | I chose this program because of the accelerated 3 year block schedule, hands on simulation lab, the location, and the Pacific EarClinic. When applying to schools and deciding where I wanted to attend, it was really important for me to find a program that made me feel comfortable. During my interview day all the faculty, staff and current students were very welcoming and friendly; it reassured me that this was a program I wanted to attend. Also, attending Pacific University as an undergraduate, I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and the University, so it felt right to continue my education at Pacific. Go Boxers!

What I like about being a student at Pacific's AuD program | My favorite thing about being a student at Pacific’s AuD program are the block modules. The block schedule is perfect for my learning style, which really helps me excel in the program. I also really like that we start clinical rotations and hands on learning in the simulation lab so early in the program. The professors also make being a student in the program an awesome experience because they are so friendly, caring, and helpful. I enjoy being a student in the program for various other reasons as well, but these are just a few of my favorite things.

Ashley Kohout

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Biola University

Hometown | Phoenix, AZ

Why I chose Pacific | The minute I began applying, I could tell how kind and supportive the staff and faculty were. I went to my interview day and became even more eager to come here once I met the professors and current students. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. I also enjoyed the design of the program because it was accelerated and I would be be able to take one class at a time. If you knew me, you would understand what a perfect fit this program is with my personality.

What I like about being a student at Pacific | Being a student here has exceeded my expectations (which were high to begin with). I was amazed at how quickly I was able to form friendships with my cohort. I enjoy our late night study sessions, taking walks for a break, and our endless coffee runs. The professors are incredibly supportive as well. Not only do they want to see you succeed, but they also care about your general well-being. Classes are also exciting because we are learning so much so quickly and we are able to gain hands-on experience. This program allows us to do otoscopy, ear molds, gain clinical experience, and so much more early on. If you come here, you will be entering a very welcoming and exciting environment.

Michelle Wong

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | California State University- East Bay

Hometown | San Mateo, CA

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacific University because of the faculty and the unique module schedule. Being surrounded by staff and faculty that want you to succeed is something I feel stands out in our program. The module class schedule drew me in because I could focus on one class at a time and then build upon the classwork and lab skills every week.

What I like about being a student at Pacific's AuD program | As a student I really enjoy the resources that I have access to. Because our program is accelerated it is really nice to have the option to practice new skills at our leisure. I feel it is the reason we can go into our internships feeling prepared after a year of being in the program. Access to my professors is something else I really value, whether it means they stick around at school the night before a test, or make themselves available via google hangout or email. Overall it has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the program.

Bryan Greenaway

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University, Portland State University

Hometown | Gresham, Oregon

Why I chose Pacific University | I was initially drawn to Pacific because of their unique three year, block schedule program.  The fast pace of the program and the ability to really focus yourself on one course at a time felt like they would fit my style of learning well.  Once I arrived on campus for an open house night I was blown away by the opportunities and equipment that are available for first year students.  Above all else, the people are what made me ultimately choose Pacific.  The community here is very warm and welcoming, from the professors, to the support staff, to the second year students.  Pacific felt like home to me immediately.

What I like about being a student at Pacific’s AuD program | The best part of being a student at Pacific is the sense of community that exists, especially within my cohort.  I can’t imagine a better group of people to go through this process with.  Everyone is always there for you whether you need help studying, with a lab, or just need someone to talk to.  The community feel at Pacific doesn’t stop with your cohort, though.  You’ll find that the upperclassmen and professors are always there to support you whenever you need it.

Kelley Martin

First Year |

Undergrad Institution | Portland State University

Hometown | Atlanta, Georgia

Why I chose Pacific University | I originally chose Pacific University because the 3 year accelerated program fit perfectly within my personal and professional goals.  However, after attending the School of Audiology on interview day, I was also excited to utilize all of the technology that is readily available and get hands on experience in the Pacific Ear Clinic located on site!

What I like about being a student in Pacific’s AuD program | I like being a student in Pacific’s AuD program because all of the doctors/preceptors are extremely knowledgeable, very approachable, and willing to help whenever possible.  In addition, all students in the program are given access to the School of Audiology labs and equipment during all business hours, after hours, and weekends allowing us to practice and reinforce the clinical skills we start learning right away!

Lisa Fratini

First Year | 

Undergraduate Institution | Western New England University

Hometown | Wilbraham, MA

Why I chose Pacific University | As one of only a handful of three year accelerated programs, Pacific was my first choice. The organization of the module block classes, which build on each other, truly lends itself to creating a strong knowledge base that is enhanced with each new class you complete. I love being able to focus on one specific topic at a time; allowing you to achieve a very deep understanding of that particular subject.

Why I like being a student at Pacific | I really like that you are highly encouraged to be "hands on" as soon as possible. As soon as you learn about a test or procedure in class, you are in the lab trying it out. They want you to practice as much as you can to become as proficient in the skills as possible. This program has some of the best equipment available for its students and the faculty are very supportive in teaching you how to use it. 

Mikaela Lising

First Year | 

Undergraduate Insitution | San Jose State University

Hometown | Union City, CA

Why I chose Pacific University | I love the fact that it is an accelerated program. During interview day, I felt the program was the right fit for me. The faculty members were all approachable and the student ambassadors gave a lot of positive feedback about the program. 

Why I like being a student at Pacific | I love how the faculty really care about each student and want each student to succeed. It creates a learning environment where every student is comfortable enough to ask questions and ask for support if needed. 

McKenzi Boehme

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Portland State University

Hometown | Bend, OR

Why I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific University because I love the way that the program is set up, and luckily for me, it is close to home! However, the main reason I chose Pacific University is because of the atmosphere. The students and faculty have been welcoming since the first day we met, and I knew that they would help me learn and grow into a better Audiologist over the next three years. I could not have picked a better University!

Why I like being a student at Pacific | I love that the professors are always willing to help, and that we have access to the second year students as well! It is so helpful to hear about their experiences as first years, and now going into their internships. They have made the transition into this program so smooth and even fun! I also love that the program is fast paced, and that we have access to so many learning tools. Anytime that we want to practice a new skill, we can! 

Rickey Nielsen

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Brigham Young University-Idaho

Hometown | Arlington, WA

Why I chose Pacific University | The accelerated 3-year program was something that drew me to the school. Graduate school is a large time and financial commitment, so having the opportunity to complete the program a year before most was a big draw. Another factor that led me to choose Pacific was all of the lab equipment that the students have to practice with. I feel like Pacific has really invested in the students as far as providing them with opportunities to practice and become familiar with the equipment and technology used by audiologists.

Why I like being a student at Pacific | I like the 2-week modules. By having one class for two weeks instead of several classes simultaneously over the semester I feel like I am better able to focus my time and energy toward really learning the subject matter thoroughly. Also, the faculty are great. They are super supportive and make themselves available to answer questions and help out in any way they can. It is also really nice to have the sim lab and teaching lab available for practice whenever we want/need to. 

Ellen Ramia

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | University of Central Florida

Hometown | Orlando, FL

Why I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific due to the overwhelming passion and kindness shown to me on Interview Day. I felt that other schools did not want you to succeed, and instead prided themselves in being unfair or exceedingly intimidating. Pacific was the only school to have the mindset that learning is essential but it can be fun, interesting, and done in a way that makes you love what you and do what you love. Every day here I know I made the right decision!

Why I like being a student at Pacific | I love being a part of a new and revolutionary program. I truly believe that this model will become the norm and that the key to success is not to make it hard as possible, but to make it as understandable as possible. I feel like I'm actually learning the information rather than memorizing to make it by, and the amazing professors instill in you the desire to learn and be the best audiologists one day! The beautiful city, incredibly nice classmates, and outdoors helps as well!

Megan Richards

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Hometown | Austin, TX

Why I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific’s Audiology program because the structure of the program as it best fits my learning style; it’s taught one course at a time, each course and lab continually building upon the previous coursework. I felt like a human being through all of my interactions with the program, both before and after applying, and I didn’t get that feeling from many other graduate programs. Lastly, the resources that are provided to students are never ending – from the SimLab to the Pacific Ear Clinic and everything in between, we are given everything imaginable to succeed. 

Why I like being a student at Pacific | I love the culture that has been created within the School of Audiology. Because the program is non-competitive, my cohort has become a second family and a great support system both in and out of class. I feel like I am learning and building the skills necessary to become a great clinician after graduation.

Kellie Spangler

First Year | 

Undergraduate Institution | San Jose State University

Hometown | Santa Cruz, California

Why I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific University because they were unlike any other program I applied to. They made me feel like a person rather than just a number. Interview day cemented Pacific as my first choice. I appreciated that the faculty was truly interested in getting to know me better as an applicant but more importantly as a person, before making their final decision. The fact that Pacific is an accelerated program was also a large factor in why I chose Pacific. The block schedule fits my learning style as allows me to only focus on one class every two weeks.

Why I like being a student at Pacific | I like Pacific University for several reasons, but ultimately it is because of the feeling of community that I have experienced here at Pacific. I am surrounded by other students and professionals that are just as excited and passionate about Audiology as I am. The faculty want to see you succeed, and they are always offering support and guidance around the clock. They are really interested in hearing feedback from the students. They want to know what’s working for you, what do you need help with etc. and there is always an open line of communication between the students and staff.

Sarita Patel

First Year | 

Undergraduate Institution | California State University, Sacramento 

Hometown | Sacramento, CA

Why I chose Pacific | I chose this program because I admired the faculty's emphasis on optimizing student participation. The structure of this program appealed to my personal learning style and preferences. Pacific University provided me with the sense of cohesion and community which I was searching for.  

What I like about being a studen at Pacific | This program gives me the opportunity to thrive towards my goal with a very hands-on and direct experience. In my opinion, the positive atmosphere, the supportive faculty, and the accommodating facility are incomparable. I am very happy with my decision to attend the Pacific University School of Audiology because I am able to achieve academic and personal growth. 

Brittany Willis

First Year |

Undergraduate Institution | California State University, Fresno

Hometown | Fresno, CA

Why you chose Pacific University | When researching schools, I found pacific and was excited about their accelerated program. A Pacific alumni student came and spoke to my undergrad Audiology class and she spoke about Pacific in such a positive way that I knew I wanted to apply. After being granted the opportunity to attend one of the interview days, I felt so welcomed. Everyone was so friendly and that is when I knew that I wanted to be a part of the pacific family. The staff is very helpful and they truly care about the students want you to be successful.

What you like about being a student at Pacific | The program’s block schedule is what I like most. You attend one class for two weeks, take your test on Friday and if you pass, then you are granted a weekend off until your new class begins on Monday. Being in an accelerated program isn’t easy and you have to be smart with your time. Having those free weekends every two weeks allows you time to recover before your next module.