Cost & Financial Aid | Bachelor of Applied Vision Science

Estimated Costs

2017-2018 Estimated Cost of Attendance for BAVS Student

Tuition and fees for First Academic Year $42,680
Rent and Food $15,200
Books and Computer* $250
Transportation $1,200
Insurance & Miscellaneous Fees $2,400

*A laptop computer will be provided to all students for their use during their study at Pacific University. 


The University will award individual students tuition reduction based on their academic record, ranging from $9,900 to $39,600 (full tuition waiver).  In some cases, scholarships, research funds, or other funds may be available to support some BAVS students. Application and acceptance into the BAVS program is independent from the availability of financial support. Any available funds to support BAVS students are subject to the requirements placed upon those funds by the funding source and generally not under the control or influence of the admissions committee.  If funding is from a research grant or contract, then the faculty member serving as the principal investigator usually makes decisions about all personnel supported by the grant.

The BAVS Program Committee can alert students to potential funding opportunities.