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When can I begin the BHS program?

Each cohort begins late August. Please visit our Admissions webpage for further details about how to apply.

What is the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) Program at Pacific University?

The 40-credit degree completion program in healthcare management at Pacific University is an 11-month, 100% online program. The program is offered through the School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership, housed on our College of Health Professions campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. The coursework in the program is delivered through Moodle (our learning management system) and Zoom (video meeting software) by faculty who are working professionals in the fields for which they teach. Other online undergraduate programs deliver their courses solely through a stagnant online learning platform. At Pacific, we value face to face contact with our students whether they are in a physical or virtual classroom. Bachelor of Health Science students fully participate in their learning through a live, online classroom a couple times a week. 

What does a healthcare manager or a healthcare administrator do?

Essentially, healthcare managers are healthcare workers with specific experience in the healthcare industry who have also received training in how to conduct administrative work. Healthcare managers are leaders in their field who take on roles within an organization that are often described as “healthcare coordinators”, “healthcare managers”, or healthcare directors”. Because health care is one of the fastest growing businesses in the US, there are many opportunities for advancement within larger organizations which have multiple layers of managerial responsibility. Think of a healthcare administrator as a principal of a school and clinical staff as the teachers in a school. In order for the school to operate smoothly, the teachers need someone to make sure the school system is operating at higher levels so they can focus on teaching students. The same is true of healthcare administrators and clinicians. Clinicians need healthcare managers to take care of the infrastructure and management aspects of running a healthcare organization so they can focus on what matters most: patients.

What kinds of jobs can I get after I finish the program?

After you earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management, you will be eligible for entry-level administrative jobs throughout the healthcare system. Often, students are looking to be promoted within their current workplace and have found that they are not eligible to apply for management positions without an earned bachelor’s degree. We encourage students who are looking at increasing their leadership responsibilities at their current workplaces to take on an internship with their current employer, in order to demonstrate competence with healthcare-focused administrative tasks. All graduates of the BHS program will be eligible to apply for entry-level management positions. Additional job titles include supervisor, section head or department manager at larger organizations, or managing directors of smaller organizations.

Does the BHS program have any scholarships available?

Yes! The BHS program has several scholarships available. The Alumni Scholarship is available to students who have a Pacific University Alumni write a letter of recommendation for the student's BHS application. The Supervisor Scholarship is available to students who have a past or current supervisor write a letter of recommendation for entry into the BHS program. Lastly, all students are welcome to submit an essay for the Director's Scholarship. Faculty and staff in the School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership review each essay and award scholarships to the top submission. Students need to complete the FAFSA online before applying for financial aid. The amount of financial aid each student is eligible to receive is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about financial aid, budgeting, repayment, or other education-related financial concerns, please contact Pacific's Financial Aid Office.

I'm a busy working professional and I have a family to take care of! How many hours a day do I need to set aside to be successful in the program?

The BHS program is designed for the working professional using distance technology for course delivery. The number of hours each student may spend to study and prepare course assignments varies. Typically, students participate in live lectures two to three times a week, which is four to six hours of class time plus homework, reading, studying, or discussions outside of structured class time.  

How long will it take me to complete the BHS program?

The BHS program takes a minimum of 11 months to complete during three continuous semesters (fall, spring, and summer). Classes begin at the end of August/early October and end at the beginning of the next August. There are multiple breaks between sets of classes throughout the program so students can work on internship hours or other activities. 

Is the program accredited or certified?

Great question, and one you should ask about any learning institution you are seeking to attend. Pacific University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The BHS program is accredited through the regional accreditation. Programs can also seek out certification or accreditation through professional organizations that represent their field. The BHS program is actively preparing for certification through the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

Do I have to have an Associate Degree to apply?

Applicants are not required to have an Associate's Degree to apply to the BHS program, but applicants will need to fulfill the program's general education requirements before graduation. Ideally, students should have 114 quarter or 76 semester credits prior to starting the program so they are able to graduate with their cohort after completing the 40-credit BHS program. Students who take Healthcare Spanish I & II to meet Pacific University's language requirement will have an additional 4 credits to apply toward meeting the 120 credit minimum to earn a Bachelor of Science degree. 

Is a minimum GPA required to be admitted to the program?

Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. The Admissions Committee will review applications and evaluate each candidate from a comprehensive perspective that includes professional experience (resume), reference letters, and a personal essay. See our Admissions Requirements for more information.

Do applicants need previous healthcare experience?

Yes. Applicants should have experience working in the healthcare industry. This experience can be volunteer work, internships, job shadowing, or paid experience. See our Admissions Requirements for more information.

Will my coursework from another institution transfer?

Student transcripts will be reviewed and evaluated by the Admissions staff on an individual basis. Each student will have an opportunity to discuss transfer credits and total credits needed to complete Pacific's bachelor's degree requirements. Credit transfers are only accepted from regionally accredited institutions, but we encourage you to submit transcripts from all previous institutions.

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