Internship | Healthcare Management

The internship experience supervised through Pacific University is meticulously designed to provide you with opportunities for professional growth and development as a healthcare manager. Our internship program encourages you to find new healthcare management centered opportunities at your current workplace. You are on the job, in familiar settings, exploring a new career path. If it is your goal to move up in your current organization, the internship experience can be a 120 hour long job training experience if that suits your professional goals! The internship is a time for you to safely explore other career paths outside of your current workplace, too. Employers want to know that you are able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to the ever-changing healthcare environment; use your internship experience to show potential employers you are ready to take on new challenges.

The faculty in the Bachelor of Health Science will help guide you through the process of identifying, managing, and completing your internship at either your current workplace or in a different healthcare setting that could lead to new career opportunities upon graduation. 

Although your individual goals around internship may vary, we expect all students to:

  • Work on communication, marketing, research, administrative and other projects that both help you grow as a professional and meet the needs of the organization with which you are interning
  • Work with your preceptor and the Experiential Learning Coordinator to ensure you are meeting the needs of the internship site and Pacific's graduation requirements
  • Be intrinsically motivated to succeed
  • Possess strong self-management skills
  • Respond positively to performance and instructional feedback
  • Find purpose, motivation and career inspiration through servant leadership

What skills would you like to build during the 120 hour internship in a healthcare organization of your choosing? Check out this list of places where BHS program graduates completed their internships! 

Bachelor of Health Science Program: Healthcare Management Internship Sites 2014-2019