Message from the Program Director

Greetings, future leaders in healthcare management!

The goal of the online Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) program is to empower working students to align their educational and career goals while still keeping pace with family life. By delivering our program online, students are free to continue working during the day, gaining practical experience that can be viewed through a new lens when coupled with the lessons and skills learned during the program.

Housed within the School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership (HAL), the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) program consists of faculty who work as full-time professionals in healthcare administration, health science, and at healthcare organizations across the United States.

The program is designed for the working professional who earned 114 quarter credits or 76 semester credits and possesses some experience in healthcare. As a student in the program, you will have several opportunities to further build the requisite knowledge and skills for advancement in your chosen profession.

Graduates from our program have continued on to more senior positions in healthcare management, hospital administration, outpatient clinics, public health agencies and long-term care facilities, to name a few. Additionally, successful completion of the BHS program enables students to pursue graduate education and other advanced training in a number of fields.

Students who complete the program will find that they have gained a deeper understanding of the issues facing healthcare workers today and the skills needed to think critically and solve problems in their current and future workplaces.

Join us in the next cohort of innovative leaders!

Kevin Rogers | Director, Bachelor of Health Science Program