BHS Program Ambassadors

Welcome! We are the BHS Program Ambassadors. We are here to assist prospective students by answering questions and giving feedback on our student experience in the Bachelor of Health Science degree completion program. Whether you have questions about student life, curriculum, work experiences or Pacific University itself, we are available to answer your questions. Just ask and you will get valuable answers from a student and/or alumni perspective.

Alumni Ambassadors

Ian Johnson |

Hello, my name is Ian Johnson. I grew up in Banks, Oregon. When I was young, I had hoped that I might eventually be able to attend Pacific University.

My first substantial experience with healthcare developed through my service as a U.S. Army Medical Sergeant, and my academic goals were delayed during this military service. This core experience taught me a lot about resolving medical emergencies in the least ideal conditions imaginable. Since leaving the military, I have fulfilled several medical support roles within the VA Portland Healthcare System. I currently serve as a senior Technician and Medical Support Assistant within the VA’s Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Service.  Outside of my federal employment, I am a member of the Aging and Veteran Services Advisory Council, for the Washington County Board of Commissioners. I have served in several other community volunteer roles with local emergency management, and law enforcement.

In August of 2015, I graduated from Pacific University as part of the first Bachelor of Health Science cohort. I was fortunate enough to be asked to continue working with the Health Science program's second cohort as a Teaching Assistant.

My current goals are to continue my career in federal healthcare while pursuing additional graduate work in Public Health. I hope to also continue as a resource for prospective BHS students. The BHS program’s condensed nature requires commitment, but affords a fantastic opportunity to advance educational goals in conjunction with the needs of work and family. I am happy to answer any questions about my experiences with the program.