Accounting | Academic Advising Handbook

The new Accounting major requires 150 credits and is designed for students seeking a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

The main difference between this Accounting major and the Business Administration major with an Accounting concentration is the additional 26 credits, which include upper-division Accounting and Business electives.

If you are not interested in becoming a CPA, please refer to the Business Administration major with an Accounting concentration.

Students are encouraged to pursue a minor that may complement their career goals. For example, students have pursued minors in Communications, Economics, Math, Media Arts, Philosophy, Psychology, and Foreign Languages.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete coursework according to the following timetable.

Year Business Core Accounting coursework


ECON 101 (see Notes below)
ECON 102 (see Notes below)



Statistics course (see Notes below)

ACCT 201
ACCT 202


BA 305

BA 309

BA 350

BA 360

ACCT 313 (Fall)
ACCT 314 (Spring)

ACCT 370


(Year 4)

BA 306

BA 405

ACCT 357 or ACCT 457

ACCT 316 or ACCT 425

ACCT 435

ACCT electives

Senior (Year 5)

BA electives


  • ECON 101 & 102 and ACCT 201 & 202 are not sequential courses and can be taken in any order; however, students are advised not to take them concurrently.
  • The following courses satisfy the statistics requirement: MATH 207, MATH 316, or SOC 301. We recommend MATH 207, which has a prerequisite of MATH 122, so students whose math placement is “I” (MATH 122) should begin MATH 122 immediately and then complete MATH 207.
  • Many business and accounting courses have prerequisites. Students should review course descriptions in the catalog before registering for courses.
    • ACCT 201 and ACCT 202 are prerequisites of ACCT 313.
    • ACCT 313 and ACCT 314 are sequential courses. ACCT 314 is a prerequisite for ACCT 425 and ACCT 435.
    • ACCT 435 is the Accounting capstone course and can be taken during Senior Year 4 or 5.
    • BA 305, BA 309, BA 350, and BA 360 are prerequisites for BA 405.