The possibility of a trip or fall some time in the next year is significant. Learn to fall safely with us.

Join in a free Aikido class for all Pacific students, staff and faculty. Hosted by Forest Grove Aikido, classes run on Mondays & Wednesdays from 6 7:15 p.m near the Forest Grove Campus at 1913 21st Avenue, Forest Grove, OR 97116.

Wear comfortable workout clothes.

Visit for more details or the Recreation Website for other programs.  

Class Description

Aikido techniques typically focus on redirecting threats. We use an opponent's momentum and energy to initiate a throw or pin. We learn how to fall safely, move people off their center, keep our own center, avoid strikes, and act rather than freeze when confronted with situations that cause fear like threat of an assault. Train to develop 100% commitment with 0% attachment. Come find out what that means!

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Dave Dewberry | Chief instructor